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The recipe for human success is as old as humans themselves. It remains unchanged no matter how hard some people try to change it to suit some nonsensical fancy or to make a quick buck selling you some new and improved way of life that promises happiness with little effort. That is not, and has never been, a thing.

Political and corporate agendas, nefarious or well-intentioned, do not change the fact that in order to thrive, there is but one ass-kicking avenue that remains atop the heap: Eat, train, and sleep like our primal predecessors, the baddest mammalian predators ever to walk the earth, and you will undoubtedly claim your birthright as the most dominant, earth-conquering version of yourself.

The recipe is made from a few simple ingredients, and not one single human has ever been allergic to any of them. I promise you that you’re not special. You’re not an exception. You’re not a unique case. And that’s a good thing… because the wheel needn’t be reinvented. What used to work… STILL works! That’s because human biology is utterly and magnificently consistent.

Our problem is that we’ve gotten too comfortable. The couch, the Netflix, the Tik Tok… they’ve made us lonely, fat, lazy, ugly, unfulfilled, and depressed. That’s not living. That’s merely existing at best, and at worst, it’s merely existing miserably. That sucks, ladies, and sirs, but there’s a better, more fulfilling way and it’s beautifully simple.

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