What is your legacy?

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Generational Impact of the Lifestyle Levers

Do you ever think about your legacy? Do you wonder how your actions will impact those around you? What if we told you it’s WAY bigger than that? What if we told you that the way you live impacts generations of people you’ll never meet? True story, ladies and gentlemen, and what a responsibility that is!

You can call it the Butterfly Effect or whatever you want, but when you do positive things, share positive messages, and lead by example, you will topple dominoes of impact you may not even be aware of. 

So how do you maximize your impact?

At The Fittest, we believe that by being the most DOMINANT version of yourself through living the Lifestyle Levers, that you’ll reach people far and wide. 

Let us show you.what we mean with each and every Lever on the list…

Sleep? How the hell does that positively affect anyone but me? First and foremost, quality sleep requires preparation. When your family sees your discipline in employing, without deviation, the necessary actions to get quality sleep night in and night out, they see what dedication, consistency, and planning looks like. They’ll understand the impact of attention to detail. 

On top of that, your sleep sets the tone for everything else you do. It elevates your mood, enhances growth hormone production, and primes you to kick ass. It’s a lot easier to DOMINATE when you’re well rested.

Eat… There may be no more important ingredient when it comes to your impact than how you eat. Seriously. If you’re eating a proper nutrient-dense nose-to-tail, horns-to-hooves, bones-to-blood diet that prioritizes quality protein and fat from meat and organs, your brain and body are getting the fuel to optimize everything you do in life. Your workouts and general physical efforts are better. Your mood is more even keel. You’re staving off mental acuity and mood issues that result from a malnourished brain. You’re fueling your immune system to protect you from all manner of potential illnesses. It’ll lead to better body-composition that allows you to have better mobility in playing with your children. It’ll result in better libido. It sets an example for those around you that to be a fully optimized human being; a badass of epic proportions, that you need to be properly fueled. 

Move… Your outer shell shows the world a lot about you. Physical fitness shows your dedication and hard work off to the world. They can see, just by looking at you, how hard you work. Apart from the obvious health and longevity benefits, or setting an example by working out in front of your family or friends, the impact of your physical fitness reaches far and wide in ways you may never have thought about. Consider this: Since the inception of the televised era, the more physically fit-looking candidate for president has won nearly every time. People, even unconsciously, respect the outward display of strength and general fitness. This same sentiment is true when it comes to getting a job or engaging in debate, and most social interactions. Like it or not, physical fitness plays a role in how you’re viewed. 

Shield… This one is especially critical for men as the protector of the household, but it absolutely applies to everyone. As you eliminate threats from those around you, from seed oils in their food, to EMFs, to all manner of other toxic elements that the modern world has bestowed upon us, you’re helping to set your loved ones up to perform optimally in life, giving them the very best chance to be successful in life and continue your legacy.

Connect… Getting grounded and exposing your bare feet to the ground and connecting with the Earth’s negative electrical charge, you’re priming your cells and your bioelectrical brain to kick ass. You’re allowing for faster healing and recovery from your workouts. You’re elevating your mood, and you’re ensuring that your body and brain have the very best opportunity to be better.

Cold… It’s awfully easy to be kind and encouraging to others when your dopamine is through the roof, inflammation is low, and your energy levels are high. These are all significant benefits of cold exposure.

Sun… Getting in the sun makes you better in so many ways. Getting morning sun through your eyes at the same time every morning enhances serotonin, sets your circadian rhythm, and elevates immune boosting vitamin D. It’s yet another critically important ingredient to making you the best you, that carries over into the example you set.

Fight! There may be no better way to set a positive example than to fight with all your might for the things that matter to you, to show that adversity is nothing more than an opportunity to grow and become the earth-shattering, dominant being that is your birthright. In a time when so many people are afraid of discomfort, it may be the most important thing you can do to face challenges head on and conquer them. Whatever fight looks like for you, doing it with equal parts determination and grace shows the world what it looks like to own challenges.

And, finally, bonding with your inner circle tribe, neighborhood, and community has far reaching positive consequences. The simple act of smiling at someone can change their day. Complementing a stressed out mom at the grocery as she navigates the challenges of parenting while shopping may make her day and snowball to a better evening at home with her children and husband. Playing with your children creates memories and sets the tone for generations after you to do the same. We could go on and on about how the simple act of bonding with those around you instills trust, allows for hard conversations, and makes people better and happier, lasting far longer than you do. 

How do you measure up?

The point is that an optimized human being can have far reaching impacts on the world that exceed their wildest thoughts. So what will your legacy be?

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