Why should we eat an
nose-to-tail diet?
Become the Fittest, most dominant version of yourself.

Becoming the FITTEST, most DOMINANT version of yourself is a pursuit that cannot be realized without certain fundamental ingredients, not the least of which is blood-burning workouts. For our ancestors, the ability to put forth these efforts was a matter of life and death. Your survival is likely not dependent on your physical abilities, but to embody your absolute best form, physical fitness is paramount. You must treat it as though your livelihood depends on it.

Benefits of moving everyday


Regular movement improves movement patterns and makes you more likely to survive accidents, falls, or dangerous encounters.


It improves your immune system by improving the functionality of all of the body’s systems including the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems.


Adequate movement improves mental health through creating an environment for better hormone production, balance and optimization.


Studies show that exercise boosts mental acuity and cognitive function by optimizing oxygen flow to the brain.


Being a more fit and capable version of yourself improves self confidence.


Strength, power, and flexibility improves quality of life as the muscles and musculoskeletal system are better prepared to enjoy physical activities and everyday tasks.

How to incorporate adequate movement into your daily routine

  • EARN your calories with micro-workouts such as push-ups, sit-ups, or air squats before feasting on your nose-to-tail meals.
  • Go for a walk while you’re getting your early morning sun. If you want to be The Fittest, do it bare foot (grounding) in order to stack the lifestyle levers and get your body moving.
  • Go for an evening walk after your final meal of the day. Better yet, go with your family or other members of your tribe to pull the Bond lifestyle lever while you're at it.
  • If you work a sedentary job at a desk, get up and move periodically. Get a standing desk to avoid sitting for long periods.
  • Park further away from the door at the grocery, the mall, or any other destination you frequent.

Want More?

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