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Modern Nutrition is kicking your ass

You’ve been sold boxes and bags of processed food stuffs full of seed oils and high fructose corn syrup… these things are:

  • Making you fat, causing you to suffer all of the hardships that go along with it
  • Killing your energy
  • Making you a weak, estrogen-laden, low libido fart factory
  • Dismantling your immune system
  • Giving you brain fog and impairing your cognitive abilities

Long term, the consequences are even worse.

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Nutrition as Nature Intended

Our Nose To Tail product line is nature's perfect multi-vitamin. Others would say fancy words like bioavailability and optimization. We say it works. You'll feel the difference, we guarantee it.

1 : 1 Assisted Ass-kicking

Our Primal Performance Experts are here to spot you on every rep. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can be hard to sustain - we're here to hold you accountable so you can be your FITTEST.


Our expertly crafted, tried and true workouts will unleash your most dominant form. Work out like the earth-conquering bad ass that you're meant to be.

"I've been using The Whole Beast, Fuel, Honor, Ignite, and King now for several weeks and I've seen improvements in my focus, attitude, mood, workout recovery, *** drive, alertness, overall energy throughout the day is incredible and my sleep scores at night have improved as well. I was already performing at a high level in all of these categories, of which I track daily, but I'm always looking for anything that will bring out my true #Alpha #Dominate #Primal state and this delivers!

- David s. The fittest customer

"No one can dispute that liver is hands down the undisputed nutrition champ. Nature's multivitamin. I love eating liver, but have the hardest time staying consisten because it is hard to find a consistently reliable source. HONOR has helped me stay consistent when I don't have access to fresh liver and bone marrow. Here's to the fittest versions of ourselves! are the real deal. They're not made in a lab. I don't pee highlighter yellow after taking them."

- Ryan j. the fittest customer

“Have purchased multiple times. Will continue to buy. Great quality & such quick helpful & kind customer service. The flavour is amazing you cannot tell you’re consuming organs, just tastes like a nice chocolate desert. I feel good on it, I have a sensitive gut & I have no issues. Very appreciative of their standards in all areas of this company. Makes me feel good to continue to support them."

- katie c. The fittest customer

We're here To help

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Returning to our warrior roots

Organs were devoured by our predecessors because they knew they were the nutritional foundation that made them warriors of unimaginable proportions.

Devouring the whole beast, nose to tail, horns to hooves, bones to blood, is the most nutrient-dense way we can eat.

Our products provide the nutrient density needed to become, and stay, the most DOMINANT version of yourself. 

Honor our earth-conquering ancestors by being The FITTEST version of you.

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What Makes The FITTEST Products Different?
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Pure freeze-dried & encapsulated organs from pasture-raised, grass-fed beef

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Hormone, pesticide & GMO free

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Highest quality standards

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Free lifestyle coaching and accountability

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Guaranteed to improve your strength, health & vitality or your money back

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Most people report feeling a boost in energy, vitality, and strength within 3 to 14 days

Become a Primal. Get on the Nose to Tail train headed straight to dominance with The FITTEST!

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