Why should we eat an
nose-to-tail diet?
Devour The whole animal

Our evolutionary hunter ancestors didn’t become the baddest mammalian predators ever to walk the earth by sheer accident. They rose to the top of the food chain by devouring the whole animal, nose-to-tail, horns-to-hooves, bones-to-blood. They prioritized the liver and other organs in order to get the most nutrient-density imaginable. This evolutionary diet saw humans become the most resilient, intelligent, DOMINANT species the world has ever known.

In today’s world of fake factory food, we’ve become depressed, metabolically unhealthy, overfed yet nutrient deficient, slow, and diseased. Choosing a nose-to-tail, animal based diet that prioritizes the most nutrient-dense parts of the animal will prime you to embody your FITTEST form.

Claim your birthright as a king or queen

Benefits of a nose-to-tail diet


Certain amino acids, vitamins, peptides, and micronutrients that humans need to be fully optimized can only be found in animal products. These include choline, creatine, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin B12. Synthetic supplementation of some of these is problematic (B12 supplements are derived from cyanide for example) and can cause absorption issues and, in some cases, digestive discomfort or other digestive issues.


There are no nutrients found in plants that are not found in a more bioavailable form in animal products.


Adequate fat from animal products aids in the delivery and absorption of fat soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, which all serve very important functions such as regulation of body systems, blood clotting, and immune functions.


Getting adequate nutrition from meat and organs boosts cognitive function, nervous system function, hormone regulation, production, and balance, musculoskeletal strength and endurance, mood, and primes you for blood burning efforts.


Eating an animal based diet from regenerative agriculture practices, hunting, or a combination thereof is the most humane, environmentally friendly dietary practice humans could engage in. It’s the way nature intended after all.


Eating an evolutionarily appropriate nose-to-tail diet, especially when combined with the other lifestyle levers, results in optimal brain function, body composition, libido, mood stability, strength and endurance, and helps you become a warrior of epic proportions.

How to eat an evolutionarily appropriate nose-to-tail, animal-based diet

  • Prioritize protein by getting 1g of animal protein per pound of your goal body weight.
  • Get adequate fat from butter, tallow, suet, or fatty cuts of meat in order to optimize absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as countless other peptides and nutrients found in your nose-to-tail diet.
  • Consume the whole animal nose-to-tail, horns-to-hooves, bones-to-blood. Muscle meat is great, but to leave out the rest of the animal is to leave important nutrients, in their most bioavailable form, out of the equation. This means you’re leaving gains on the table.
  • Carbs are great, but only consume the carbs you EARN through your blood-burning workouts. Choose sweet potatoes and fruits instead of glutinous carbs like bread in order to optimize your vitamin and mineral absorption. Gluten erodes the surface area of the villi in the intestine and reduces your ability to properly absorb and digest water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B12.
  • Ditch processed foods that come in boxes, cans, or bags.
  • Don’t drink your calories. At The Fittest, we drink water. If you’re looking for variety, try sparkling water, preferably in glass containers like Mountain Valley or Saratoga Springs.
  • Avoid seed oils. They wreak havoc on your body systems, especially your endocrine system. Cook with tallow or high heat avocado oil instead.
  • This goes without saying, but avoid refined sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup found in processed foods and sodas.

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