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Connect directly to the Earth

Connecting directly to the earth is a powerful lever that a majority of the population lives without. Before the invention of shoes and flooring we were constantly connected to the ground. This contact brought amazing benefits to our health. Why? Because the earth has a slightly negative electric charge that we’re supposed to share.

Get your toes on the ground... often. There’s a time and place for shoes, but when it’s not that time and place, expose the toes.

Benefits of connecting to the earth


Studies show the negative charge of the earth can help reduce inflammation in the body. Ninety percent of chronic illness is linked to persistent inflammation. So why not attempt to remedy that with a simple and free resource?


This reduction in inflammation can create a reduction in pain and stress response. The compounding effects of which can improve sleep quality.


Connecting to the earth on a regular basis can help shift us from our sympathetic state to our parasympathetic state in our nervous system. This helps regulate your heart rate variability and reduces the fight or flight reactions to times when that is necessary, rather than leaving you in a perpetual state of heightened nervous system activity, which can lead to adrenal fatigue and hormone dysregulation.


The electrical conductivity that is present while being connected to the earth can neutralize free radicals (unpaired electrons) in the body. This activity may provide immune defense functions similar to antioxidants. This can help reduce the risk of inflammatory issues and some cancers. It also enhances the body’s ability to fight off diseases and to heal wounds and injuries more quickly.

How to Connect

  • Aim to connect directly to the earth at least 10 minutes per day. This should be a minimum goal. Try to increase the time you spend grounded every week. Consider investing in grounding technology, like grounding mats, to aid your efforts.
  • Begin walking barefoot. Start slow and see how you feel. Without the appropriate strength in your feet you could develop poor mechanics and risk injury. Increase the time you spend barefoot gradually until you’re comfortable going barefoot anytime shoes are not required.
  • Barefoot walking has been shown to help increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and restore your ‘natural’ walking pattern. Fixing your gait in this way improves posture, and prevents joint misalignment, especially in the hips. Postural improvement has been linked to better breathing, better sleep, better pain management, and even improved oral health. Give yourself time to build. You wouldn't try to squat twice your body weight on day 1, don’t walk a barefoot marathon right out of the gate.
  • Don’t be afraid to do more than just a walk. Lie down on the ground and get your entire body connected to the earth. Spend daily time sitting outside soaking up the sun and the earth’s negative charge.

Want More?

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