The Benefits Of Morning Sunlight

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It's Not Just About Getting A Tan

It’s summertime, ladies and sirs, and you know what that means… half naked bodies! Maybe you’re the type who stays in shape so you never have to, or maybe you get fluffy and furry as hell during “bulking (fat)” season just to work your ass off in time to wear your booty shorts. Either way you’re going to be in the sun, but… do you have any idea what the sun does for you besides making you a slightly more melanated version of yourself? If not, where have you been? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

First of all, if the summer is the only time you’re getting in the sun, you’re blowing it. If the only time of day you’re getting in the sun is after you’ve slept in, had a coffee or chemically enhanced caffeinated beverage, and perused the interwebs, then you’re extra blowing it. If you want to thrive, you really need to be getting up earlier than elderly golfers, 365 days a year, in order to get that low, early morning sun on your face, eyes, and body.

Why Is Early Morning Sun Important?

There’s a veritable multitude of reasons, but here are the most important ones:

1. Circadian rhythm.

That’s an unnecessarily fancy, clinical way of saying consistent sleep/wake schedules. Having consistency in your sleep timing will do more for your daily recovery than you could probably measure. The moment you wake up, you’re prepping your body for the following evening’s sleep and recovery. Getting sun on your face and eyes signals the rest of you that it’s time to start your damn day. This is how it knows when you’re supposed to go to bed later, the priming of which requires a whole different article. Stay tuned for that.

2. Low Intensity Sun

Early morning sun is low in the sky and less intense, so it primes your skin for more intense midday sun sessions. Teenage girls call it getting a “base tan.” This is especially important for the fairer-skinned gingers out there, like one of our performance experts who found out at 38 that he may or may not have a soul when he decided to grow a beard and it came in red.

3. Full Spectrum Sunlight

Early morning sun is often referred to as full spectrum sunlight and having it on your eyes (ditch the shades) signals the production of serotonin, which enhances your mood. You’ll be happier, and if you’re one of those groggy, early morning curmudgeons, you’ll be more fun to be around. Your family will thank you. Serotonin also enhances that circadian rhythm we just talked about.

Why Is It Important To Get Year Round Sunlight?

1. Circadian rhythm

Do you want consistent sleep only part of the time? No. You don’t. That’d be stupid. So say it with me. Circadian rhythm.

2. Serotonin

You want to be happy every day and we want that for you, too. There’s even a thing called Seasonal Affect Disorder, the initials of which aptly spell SAD. This effects people who don’t get enough sun during the winter months. It also affects pale vegan gamers who spend the majority of the time in their mom’s basement, regardless of age, staring at the blue light emanating from their glowing screens. There’s a reason antidepressants are prescribed exponentially more in geographic areas further from the equator where the winters are dark and cold… and amongst pale vegan basement dwelling gamers. A lack of sunlight causes people to feel like trash because their serotonin levels are low, as is their…

3. Vitamin D

Sun exposure is the primary source of production of vitamin D in your body. We all know from milk commercials that Vitamin D is responsible for strong bones because it regulates the absorption of calcium, but it also regulates other stuff, like phosphorous, boosting the hell out of your immune function and staving off diseases like certain viruses we shan’t talk about lest we get controversial. Getting that sun every day allows for consistent production of vitamin D so you and your immune system can stay strong as an ox fresh out the box.

Earn It

So summer sun is cool, especially if you EARNED a fit body you’re proud to show off, but early morning sun every day of the year? That is stuff of legend and shall prime you every day to kick ass and be what you were born to be. A WARRIOR of epic proportions.

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