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What does "fight" mean?

It’s likely that you don’t have to fight for basic survival. Your most basic needs are probably being met. You’re not looking over your shoulder for an animal (or human) hell-bent on taking you out. So what does it mean for modern Kings and Queens to “fight?”

No matter what the word “fight'' means in your life, it all boils down to taking on a challenge with a certain amount of preparedness and determination; to face that challenge head on and kick ass with the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re READY.

Benefits of learning to fight


Fighting makes you better at everything. It makes you a better husband/wife, it makes you a better father/mother, a better friend, and a better enemy! Nobody wants a coward standing next to them. Fight for what you believe in and rise to the occasion.


Struggle creates progress. If you live a comfortable life free of challenges you will become soft and controllable. Be the hero of your own journey, not the victim!


Actually engaging in a combat based training such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, etc. can help ensure you are ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, fighting to achieve The Fittest version of yourself in any fitness regimen or sport will make you more powerful and resilient for the trials that come.


Leaning into the fight of life builds mental fortitude and discipline. It is an opportunity to sharpen your own sword and add arrows to your quiver.

How to increase your ability to fight

  • Determine your WHY. Is the fight you’re engaging in even necessary? Pick your battles. Make sure you have a valid reason to fight. A warrior doesn’t fight unworthy opponents. That would make him a fool and tarnish his status.
  • Educate yourself. You cannot possibly win whatever fight is in front of you without first learning HOW to fight. Seek out qualified, pertinent information and resources. Devote the necessary time to learning the skills required to adequately engage in battle with whatever opponent you’ve decided is worthy.
  • Practice your new skills. Sharpen your sword. Become intimately familiar with your new skills so that using them becomes second nature; muscle memory.
  • Intentionally struggle. Put yourself in increasingly more difficult situations as it pertains to the fight you’re preparing for. Spar with tougher and tougher opponents. Iron sharpens iron. Always get better.
  • Gain confidence through experience. False bravado is dangerous, and that isn’t a good example of avoiding dangers.
  • Now that you’re the most dangerous person in the room, FIGHT! And WIN!

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