Shield Yourself From Modern Dangers

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What Are Modern Dangers?

You don’t have to run from predators, quarrel with rival tribes, or deal with the life-threatening dangers your predecessors had to contend with, but that doesn’t mean you can just chill out on your couch and thrive. In fact, in some ways, it’s harder for you to avoid dangers than it was for our primitive ancestors. Their dangers were obvious and made their presence known. The dangers you contend with… not so much. Modern dangers are stealth, sneaky, and take work to avoid.

Food And Hygiene Products

Modern faux “food” is rife with seed oils, additives, and chemicals that can turn you into a diseased, estrogen-laden, gas factory quicker than you can say, “vegan cheese.” Some of it has artificial flavors that are manufactured off the Jersey Turnpike in the very same factories that pump out phytoestrogen-rich perfumes, air fresheners, and other fake ass fragrances. Those are difficult to avoid, too. They’re in your aluminum-heavy, pore clogging deodorants and linoleic acid-rich topicals like lotions and sunscreens that are so easily absorbed that they’re later found in your pee and poop, right along with the aforementioned nonsense in the garbage you put in your mouth.

Modern Technology

Then there’s EMFs emanating from your WiFi router, phones, televisions, Bluetooth earbuds, computers, tablets, and if you have a fancy “smart” home, that junk is even in your garage door, your refrigerator, your air conditioner and any other modern convenience you’ve attached to the internet. EMFs can affect your fertility, bone density, autoimmune response, and can cause a laundry list of symptoms like rashes, headaches, and erectile dysfunction. Especially when you keep your phone in your pocket, right next to your favorite body parts.

How To Avoid Modern Dangers

Avoiding dangers may look different in the modern day, but they are oh so present and ready to steal your thunder in a heartbeat. Eat real food. Avoid seed oils and processed junk. Avoid topicals like lotions, deodorants, sunscreens, perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances designed to make you and your home smell unnatural and weird. Don’t wear polyesters and chemical-laden clothing. Stop keeping your phone next to your groin and put it in airplane mode when you’re not using it. Turn off your blue light devices and WiFi at night. You can’t use them when you’re sleeping anyway. Turn off non-essential breakers while you sleep. You really only need your AC and refrigerator to run during those hours.

And… employ our other 8 lifestyle levers in your life so you’ll become a strong, resilient warrior… the most dangerous man in the room… ready to avoid and contend with any unforeseen dangers and struggles. Then, and only then, can you express your highest, most dominant, alpha form!

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