Why should we eat an
nose-to-tail diet?
Modern dangers are stealthy and take work to avoid

Shielding from dangers looks far different today than it did for our predecessors, but that doesn’t mean you are free to soak up the “comforts” of this world without consequence.

From toxic seed oils, additives, and chemicals in popular food choices to harmful plastics, aluminum heavy deodorant, and flame retardant clothing and furniture. We live with these endocrine disrupting substances on a daily basis and they wreak havoc on our health. Not to mention the EMF’s emanating from your ever present and oh so desirable WiFi router that’s connected to every electronic device that you use day in and day out. These dangers are real, and although they are less intimidating than a lion trying to steal your recent kill, they are potentially more deadly.

Start with these few simple steps:

  • Turn off the WiFi on your phone when you go to bed. You can still get calls but it’s one less frequency that you are being exposed too
  • Wear blue light blockers after dinner
  • Look at your lotions, deodorants, etc. Switch one out (or even better, throw one out!) for a better, cleaner brand. Email us at for a recommendation.

Benefits of shielding


Modern faux “food” is rife with seed oils, additives, and chemicals that wreak havoc on your health. These rancid, estrogen-laden oils are filled with linoleic acid that destroy your digestion, skin, and overall health due to the oxidation of lipoproteins.


Linoleic acid-rich topicals like lotions and sunscreens are easily absorbed by the biggest organ in your body… your skin!


Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) — used to make flame retardants for household products such as furniture foam and carpets are disrupting your endocrine system daily.


EMFs can affect your fertility, bone density, autoimmune response, and can cause a laundry list of symptoms like rashes, headaches, and erectile dysfunction. Especially when you keep your phone in your pocket.

How to shield

  • Reduce electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure -- Put the phone in airplane mode. Turn off the wifi (use a timer to turn off / on). If you're a true primal, suspend electricity to the room (flip the breaker).
  • Do not cook with or consume seed oils. Instead use tallow or a high heat oil such as avocado oil.
  • Avoid artificial materials in your clothes, mattresses, bedding, and towels. Instead look for natural products.
  • Do not use topicals, sunscreens, lotions, perfumes, colognes, toothpastes, deodorants, and soaps that are full of Phthalates, Phytoestrogens, and Triclosan. If you’re eating a proper nose-to-tail diet, you won’t need these things as your body will maintain a healthy microbiology that renders those things useless.
  • Keep your cell phone, laptops, iPads, and other electronics away from your unmentionables. EMFs next to your reproductive organs? Enough said.
  • If you use headphones, go with the old-school chord. Bluetooth headphones put those same EMFs right on your brain.
  • Avoid blue light from televisions, phones, tablets, computers… especially at night. Wear blue blockers and use red light after your evening feast.
  • Sleep properly and prime yourself for supreme mental acuity.
  • Stay as strong as possible to enhance your primal response to all potential physical dangers or accidents.
  • Pull all the Lifestyle Levers to become a resilient alpha organism ready to handle any danger.

Want More?

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