What is a man?

A lion

Attack on masculinity (and femininity for that matter, but that deserves its own piece)…

It seems like every day there’s a new celebrity, government official, or otherwise prominent figure villainizing the very essence of what it is to be human. James Cameron who, ironically made films such as The Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently said that “testosterone is a toxin we need to slowly work out of our system.” Television commercials, for the sake of equity and inclusion, exclude the normal nuclear family which, last time we checked, is still the most common household setup. The government has financial assistance programs that can only be taken advantage of if a man is NOT in the home. Every time a heteronormative adult male says anything that doesn’t jive with the ever-growing set of politically correct opinions, he’s labeled by Hollywood and the media as someone who exhibits “toxic masculinity.” 

At The Fittest, we won’t opine as to the agenda of these “woke” corporate and governmental elitists who seemingly seek to dismantle the very fabric and foundation of human life since the beginning in favor of whatever it is they’re in favor of. In fact, we don’t even care why. We’ll leave that to the political pundits. We will say, however, that, well… we’re different by today’s standards. We’re throwbacks. We’re old school. We believe that men and women play very important, but very different roles in the house, the neighborhood, the community, the nation, and society as a whole. Today, we’re talking about the ever-villivied man who seeks to be a protector, provider, and presider over his family; the man who seeks betterment and accountability at every turn so he can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to be an example of those around him and leave a legacy he can take pride in, knowing he impacted countless future generations simply by raising the subsequent generation with values becoming of our primal ancestors.

What is a man?

We’re not talking about the ever-changing, fluid definition bestowed upon us by those in positions of power, that requires a PhD to understand. We’re talking about a real, unadulterated, barely domesticated, barbarian of ethical and moral proportions who does his duty regardless of the challenges he faces.

First, though, perhaps we need to dispel some myths by telling you what a man is NOT in our estimation. 

What a man isn’t…

A man is NOT a womanizing, chest-beating, disrespectful, bragging, jealous, seed-spreading, lying, lazy, mooching, loose cannon of a machismo-laden variety. Nope. That’s a fake, wannabe, insecure child who masquerades as a man. Got it? Good. Now that we got that out of the way…

So what is a man?

A man is a simple (male) human-being who defines his worth by his service; service to his wife; service to his children; service to his community. He knows that the very best way to have the most impact in service is to be the most DOMINANT version of himself. He is disciplined in the way he eats, sleeps, and moves, because he knows that being physically dominant means he can have the most impact for the longest amount of time and that he can best lead through strength and example, and physical strength leads to mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. Think hierarchy of needs. A man cannot be effective if he is weak and needs to be concerned with simple survival and health.

A man is a protector who shields his family and those around him from dangers, therefore he himself must be dangerous, willing AND able to fight and protect. 

A man seeks wisdom through accountability and extreme ownership so he can learn from his mistakes and those around him, so he can impart wisdom on those around him, especially his children, who he teaches through bonding without modern distractions. A man is not concerned by the actions or words of the pundits, the naysayers, and those who are not interested in the betterment of the family or the community according to his primitive standards. He is too busy making a solid impact to be concerned by such things.

Which are you?

Are you a MAN in The Fittest sense of the word? Or are you something else? If you’re something else, are you willing to change it by doing the work? Are you willing to deploy the Lifestyle Levers in order to EARN your birthright as a DOMINANT ALPHA organism who will lead?

We know what we choose for us and we know what we want for you. Many of us have seen both sides and know that being a REAL MAN is far more fulfilling. You deserve it. Your wife deserves it. Your children deserve it. If you don’t have a wife or children, get some, but not before you’ve become the man they deserve. 

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