Why Your New Year’s Resolution Never Sticks

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It’s that time of the year…

We know. That cliche time of year is upon us where people will be spouting garbage on social media like, “new year, new me,” right before they do all the same stuff they’ve always done and get exactly the results they’ve always gotten. 

Maybe you’re not that nonsensical, but it’s likely that you’ve got a New Year’s resolution or two. You say to yourself, “I’m going to lose weight,” or “I’m going to eat better,” or "I’m going to bond with my kids more.” The problem is these resolutions, no matter how well-intentioned you are, WILL NOT WORK.


The reason the aforementioned resolutions won’t stick is actually very simple. There are no actionable steps to meet those goals. There’s no specificity. There’s no plan. There’s no path to success if there’s no process in place to meet your goals. This is true of ALL goals, by the way, and not unique to the approaching year.

So how do we make these resolutions work?

One word: planning.

When you outline specific steps that you can take each and every day, you’re infinitely more likely to achieve what you set out to achieve. Let’s take losing weight for example because it’s probably the most common resolution. A broad, loose, statement that you’re going to lose weight needs applicable, actionable steps in order to actually occur. First, you need to find out HOW to lose weight. What habits do you need to drop that hold you back? What habits do you need to adopt that result in weight loss? Once you’ve understood what it takes, you need to write down the plan you intend to incorporate into each and every day to get there. You need to get specific. Maybe you’re going to go for a fasted walk every morning, stacking the sun, the earth, and movement. Maybe you have an accountability partner that’s going to go with you, so you bond during that time as well. If poor eating habits are part of your problem and you’ve already talked to our performance experts and/or researched how a nose-to-tail diet is part of the solution to your weight loss, make a specific grocery list and get ONLY what is on that list. Maybe lifting heavy weights is part of your goal to lose weight. Screenshot our workout plan so that it’s at the ready when it’s time to work out each day. These actionable steps will take your resolution from wishful thinking to a realizable, tangible goal that you will achieve. 

This applies to all goals, be they lifestyle related, financial, family goals, or otherwise. 

Let us help you. 

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