Mindless Content Consumption?

Hands sifting through records

Remember record stores? 

We lost something incredibly valuable with the advent of certain modern technologies, including downloadable content, and I’m not taking one of my trips down memory lane or getting nostalgic. You know what the chief advantage  brick and mortar establishments had over our current, oversaturated market of everything?

Motherfucking discernment.

Now you may not have liked every record in the record store, but… there was an arduous process and path that every record took to get on the shelves.

  • Artists developed and honed a skill to the point where a nightclub chose to allow them to play in front of their patrons.
  • They developed a following of locals who actually wanted to hear them more than once.
  • They were discovered by someone who had a discerning ear.
  • They went in front of ANOTHER group of market experts who had to decide they were worth spending money, time, and resources on.
  • They had to convince local radio stations to play that shit.
  • They had to convince syndicated stations, based on airplay, to play that shit. 
  • They had to convince the record store to give up valuable and limited shelf-space to the record.
  • Then people had to like it enough to spend their money on it  in order for it to stay on the shelf.

My point? There was a detailed system of checks and balances along the way that ensured a modicum of quality.

In 2023, that process no longer exists. 

In 2023, some dipshit in his mom’s basement can fart into a microphone and 20 minutes later his odoriferous ear-raping bullshit is on Spotify, itunes, and every other streaming platform.

In 2023, you have to sift through a pool of rubbish to MAYBE find a gem.

In 2023, “convenience” is decidedly inconvenient as we consume an increasingly large amount of nonsense in pursuit of anything that resembles quality. That’s a magnificent disservice and if you’re not careful in prioritizing your time, then you will end up down time-wasting rabbit holes of endless garbage. And I’m not just talking about music. I’m talking about EVERYTHING. 

In 2023, if you want to learn to deadlift, eat properly, fix your car, or just be entertained… any moron with an iPhone and not a qualification in sight can wax intellectual about whatever the fuck they want… and they DO. 

What’s my point here?

In a time of modern “conveniences,” we need to be more careful than ever to be discerning; to limit our screen time; to try like fucking hell to consume quality; to be VERY careful where we acquire our knowledge… 

This is especially true if you have children. They’re watching you. They’re either learning to be judgemental and smart about the quality and quantity of what they consume, or they’re learning to mindlessly scroll and consume everything, stuffing their brains with buckets of bullshit.

It’s your choice what you fill your eyes, ears, and brains with. Bullshit breeds bullshit. Greatness inspires greatness.

Choose wisely. 

No excuses.

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