Look In The Mirror

A victorian mirror on a brown wall

Look in the mirror. 

Are you addicted to the mirror? If not, you ought to be. Now, we don’t mean the literal, physical mirror, though there’s nothing wrong with that in moderation. A little vanity is natural. Liking the way you look boosts confidence and being appealing to the opposite sex is pretty necessary when it comes to forging meaningful bonds with your complimentary opposite. But what we’re talking about is the metaphorical mirror. 


We’re talking about the often uncomfortable act of self reflection and taking extreme ownership. How often do you sit and consider your own role in the things that happen in your life, both good and bad? How often do you take criticism, consider making meaningful behavioral changes, and try to apply those changes across all applicable areas of your life? How often do you reflect on your choices, course correct, and pivot toward a better path? If it’s not at least daily, then it’s not enough. 

But that sounds excruciatingly painful. 

Maybe it will be at first, but when you shift your mindset, things change dramatically. When you realize that you can take extreme ownership of your life; when you realize you’re responsible for everything; it’s actually a wildly freeing experience. You no longer have to blame anyone, expect anyone to change, or expect anyone to do anything at all. It’s on you. Just you. And being the only one whose actions you can control anyway… it presents a whole new opportunity to grow in every facet of your life and claim your birthright as the most dominant version of yourself. Now that becomes addicting. 

Where to start.

Just telling you that you ought to reflect on your behaviors and mindset to grow is vague and if we left it there, we’d be proper pieces of excrement. So we won’t leave it there. Here’s a set of actionable steps you can take right now, today, to become comfortable with that mirror.

  • Get a planner or a journal if you don’t have one. At the end of each day, make a list of things going on in your life that you are struggling with. This list could include things like issues in your personal relationships, financial struggles, lack of physical fitness, loneliness, or any other stressor.
  • Beside each item on that list, think about and write down what role YOU (and only YOU) play in these hardships. For example, if you’re suffering from difficult financial times, are you overspending on things you don’t need? Are you indulging too often? Are you stagnating at work and therefore receiving less money than if you sought improvement? 
  • Beside each role YOU play in those hardships, write down solutions that you can implement immediately, midterm, and long term. Using the financial example: A short term implementation could be eating out less and creating a budget for entertainment that you can stick to. A midterm implementation could be to work some overtime. A long term implementation could be to engage in continuing education that improves your marketability and employability. 

We can apply this to anything going on in your life. If you do this EVERY DAY, for every problem, it may seem overwhelming at first. It may seem like you’re out of control. But… you’ll be blown away by how much better your life can get.. A few months down the road, you’ll be better equipped to take on anything life throws at you. The old saying about people overestimating what they can do in a day but drastically underestimating what they can do in 6 months holds true. Stay committed to self-reflection and look out! You’ll be on your way to dominating in life. 

We can help.

If you need help with this, lean on The Fittest Performance Experts. That’s part of what they’re here for. Just email us at dominate@thefittest.com.

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