Your why is the driver of your how

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Let’s be honest. We all want to have an amazing physique.

There are countless ways to get the body you’re looking for.


HOW you get from wherever you are to that shredded physique is critically important if you want to be ripped, healthy, and happy, and the WHY behind it is likely the primary driver behind which avenue you choose. 

What do we mean?

Let’s talk about the WHY. 

If the shredded physique is the primary pursuit, it’s likely driven by an unhealthy WHY. A lot of folks, for example, want to impress members of the opposite sex or impress strangers on Instagram. If that’s the case, then going one of the countless quick and dirty routes to a shredded physique will suffice. This could include harsh calorie restriction, chemical substances or steroids, and questionable workout programs. These could leave you injured, sick, depleted, and, ultimately, shredded but unfulfilled and unhealthy. 

On the flipside…

If your WHY is to be the best version of you; a healthy, happy, high-level performer at the things that matter to you like work, parenting, marriage, etc… It’s likely that you’ll choose a path that includes methods that will render you shredded as a mere byproduct of the pursuit of general excellence in life. This not only helps you, but sets an example to those around you. It drives others to emulate your habits and lifts those people up.

This second path is the one we choose at The Fittest. The second path never leaves you having to mitigate the damage done by the first path. It is a permanent lifestyle change with a simple, yet effective recipe, and there’s not one human being on the planet that is allergic to any of the ingredients. 

What is that recipe?

Combine equal parts of the following ingredients, and consume daily:

  • Train
  • Nourish
  • Recover

The result is health, performance, and a permanently (accidental) shredded physique.

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