Do You Suffer From Nutrient Deficiency? The Fittest's Perspective

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Overfed and Undernourished

In today's world, it's fucking insane that more humans are dying from excess food consumption and obesity-related issues than from starvation. But what's even more fucked up is that many of those suffering from excess are simultaneously malnourished. How is this possible, you may wonder? Let us shed some light on this crazy paradoxical phenomenon.

What's in your pantry?

Look at the contents of an average pantry. You'll likely find an array of boxes, bags, and cans filled with so-called "food" that is packed with manufactured trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and a veritable ass load of other bullshit. These ingredients are deliberately formulated by scientists in laboratories to elicit cravings and make you consume more, turning you into an addicted, tubby schlub of epic proportions. Some even believe that these products are intentionally designed to make you fat and sick, leading you to rely on pharmaceutical solutions to mask the symptoms while continuing to gorge on unhealthy, addictive substances. Rinse. Repeat.

What's even more shocking (or maybe not) is that these so-called "foods" lack any meaningful nutritional value. They contain no vitamins or minerals, leaving consumers overeating these chemically-laden, sugary, and fatty substances while simultaneously craving essential nutrients that they can't obtain from their addictive choices. This vicious cycle perpetuates a constant state of hunger, leading to the consumption of even more non-perishable rubbish from the pantry. This pattern ultimately results in obesity, undernourishment, and a myriad of related health issues.

Consider the statistics: roughly half of all Americans suffer from diabetes or prediabetes, and that's just one of many obesity-related diseases. Factor in heart disease and various metabolic dysfunctions, including mental health issues arising from inflammation and lack of nourishment, and it becomes painfully clear that we are facing a grave public health crisis. Nearly 17% of the global population suffers from clinical depression, further highlighting the urgent need for change.

The solution

There is a solution, though, that requires neither pharmaceutical miracles nor groundbreaking medical discoveries. It's a simple yet powerful fucking concept: embracing a nutrient-dense, animal-based diet that places an emphasis on consuming meat and organs. By doing so, we not only address the underlying issue of undernourishment but also naturally and effortlessly combat the magnificently stupid conundrum of overconsumption.

Animal protein and fat have the unique ability to satiate hunger more efficiently, leading to a reduction in calorie intake as a beneficial side effect. Additionally, many cravings that people experience are not for excess calories but rather nutrients that their bodies are lacking. Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness, individuals reach for processed snacks instead of nutrient-dense animal nutrition. As a result, they remain unsatisfied and hungry shortly after consuming these empty, calorie-rich foods.

When we prioritize a nutrient-dense diet comprising animal protein and fat, we satiate our body's true nutritional needs, alleviating cravings and promoting a sense of fullness. Our brain becomes sharp and focused, excess body fat starts melting away, and we begin to reclaim the life we were born to live. So instead of reaching for highly processed cookies, why not indulge in a mouthwatering ribeye steak, packed with all the essential nutrients your body craves?

 I haven’t done the precise calculation, but it's safe to say that you'd have to consume an exorbitant amount of cookies to match the nutritional value found in a 12-ounce New York strip. The choice is clear – prioritize nutrient density and nourish your body the way nature intended.

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