Delayed Gratification for the Win

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Your individual pursuits require specialization. That’s true for athletes, computer programmers, parents, artists, and every other human being that walks the earth. There are certain things you must become better at than the general population in order to achieve a modicum of success in that field.  


You're not special. That's a good thing.

Just because you’re specialized, doesn’t mean you’re special. Unique? Hell yes, but don't walk around with an air of arrogance because you think you're better than everyone else. Not to mention, total human optimization is a craft that requires discipline in many aspects of life. Lucky for you, improving one area has the added benefit of improving another. We’ve said before that the recipe for success has always been the same. The ingredient list is immutable… forever unchanged. Optimization in the realm of physical well being translates to a better you no matter what you strive for. By now you've heard about the benefits of the 9 Lifestyle Levers, but we’re not going to go Lever by Lever in this article, because that’s not the point. You can read about them HERE if you want, but know that optimization comes from long term discipline and that there’s no instant gratification... the Lifestyle Levers are imperative to your well-being. Start implementing as many as you can handle TODAY. Unless you quit making excuses, and start trying to become better every day, then you can dream about success all you want, but it’ll only be a dream.

Instant gratification is temporary and often harmful.

In the world of IG likes, fast food, Adderall, and hook up apps, most people have become accustomed to getting what they want, right now, with very little effort, but nearly all of the things that offer that immediate gratification offer it only for a moment and are often destructive. Add to that the fact that these short term dopamine hits distract from fulfilling your actual dreams, and they leave you empty, wanting, and dreaming still. So put a little effort toward things that don’t offer that dopamine hit. You’ll be blown away at what can happen. We have become complacent and unwilling to pursue greatness, because it’s hard... but is it really? Studies show that if you spend 18 minutes a day toward learning a new skill, you will be better than 95% of the population at that skill within 1 year. 18 minutes of MMA training a day and you can kick almost everybody’s ass. 18 minutes of guitar playing a day and you can be a rock star. 18 damn minutes… and we KNOW you waste a lot more than 18 minutes a day mindlessly scrolling the internet on the toilet.

What’s our point?

We want better for you. We want you to put true effort EVERY DAY toward something meaningful. Put together an actionable plan; one that prioritizes your health and fitness, and then apply time to specialization. Watch your life change OVER TIME. You may not get temporary, meaningless dopamine hits, but the delayed gratification will taste sweeter than a few IG likes ever could.

Let us help.

If you need help prioritizing your time and creating an actionable plan for optimization, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. REPLY and we’ll help you. It’s FREE. No excuses.

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