Stop Online Dating!

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Online Dating Sucks

Statistically, you have almost no chance of finding your complimentary opposite on the internet. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Let’s take Tinder for example. For every 100 people  on Tinder (assuming 50 men and 50 women), 46 women swipe right on the same 4 men, leaving the remaining 46 men competing for 4 women. These swipes, of course, are based almost exclusively on the most flatteringly angled, edited, filtered photos these people could find in their phones. That means even the 4 highly desirable-looking men and the 4 leftover women are being picked out of a lineup based on one single, inaccurate piece of their complex humanness. That might be fun for that top 8% for about 30 seconds at a time as they meet up, awkwardly fumble between the sheets, have random, unfulfilling sex with a stranger, and move onto the next in line. For everyone else, it’s a futile pursuit that proves to be a deflating waste of time that yields exactly zero results. Depressing, huh? 

This is the plight of single people the world over and it’s getting worse, but we have the solution. You guessed it. We want you to go all ancestral. Get old school. But how?

What to do, ladies?

Let’s start with you, ladies. It’s time for a bit of harsh (but wholly constructive) criticism. At The Fittest, we’re all spoken for. We’ve found our life long complimentary opposites, so we don’t have a dog in the fight, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t noticed some things about how many of you act. 

Just because you’re the fairer sex; just because you’re the object of pursuit in most cases… don’t let that go to your head. We see you with your defenses up 24/7. We see some of you treating the few men who have the courage to talk to you in person with condescension and such a profound lack of respect. Hell, we even see some of you looking salty when you’re out for a walk and a gentleman simply smiles in your direction. And this isn’t just the prettiest girls out there. It’s a lot of you. Maybe society told you to act like that. Maybe you’ve been taught to overvalue who you are and act like every man who isn’t a 6’4” multimillionaire with abs is beneath you. Maybe that works for you… but it probably doesn’t. The only place that will likely get you is home, alone, depressed, on Tinder, and fighting with 45 other women for those 4 (possibly) good looking dudes. 

Quit being salty.

So, ladies, let’s change the approach. First and foremost, let’s take a look in the mirror and assess your worth as a potential partner. Are you worthy? Are you ready to be the wife your potential mate deserves? If not, let’s fix that first. Read this to find out where you can improve.

Then, lighten up, ladies! Quit being so damn salty. Be open. Quit acting like you’re better than that guy who mustered up the courage to talk to you when others didn’t. Maybe he’s not a 10 in the looks department. Maybe you’re not either. But… maybe he’s hilarious. Maybe he has his act together. Maybe he’s a natural protector and provider. Maybe he’s a natural leader. Maybe there’s a natural chemistry of pheromones and intangibles between you waiting to be discovered. Maybe not. But the only way to find out is to let your guard down. Not every guy is a creep. And in the highly likely event he’s not a creep, the guy who is evolved enough as a man to have the courage to talk to you in person in this generation of online communication, is probably a guy who has done some work on himself.

Your turn, guys.

Now, for you gentlemen out there. What do you bring to the table? Now that we’ve primed the ladies to be open to talking to you when you approach them, are you a man worth talking to?

Are you ready for a relationship with an evolved woman who could be the mother of your children? If not, what do you need to improve upon? Are you fit, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you ready to protect and provide for your family? Are you ready to commit? Do you have the maturity to go through the hard stuff and challenge obstacles head on as they come about? Are you ready to be an effective father who can adequately raise the next generation? If not, maybe you need to become that guy before you start walking up to hot chicks at the gym. 

Oh, and don’t be a creep.

Dating The Fittest Way:

As part of The Fittest Empire, let’s get old school. Let’s get off the internet. Let’s build lasting bonds the way we were intended to. We were meant to have unexplainable vibes with other humans. We’re supposed to smell each other, touch one another, and bond over meals and activities together rather than have shallow conversations with miles and a computer screen as unnatural barriers. Go find your mate the way you were supposed to.  

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