What is a woman?


We talked the other day about what a man is, or ought to be, in The Fittest sense of the word, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give that same attention to the ladies out there. There is no yin without a yang, after all, and to deny the powerful, feminine dominance of the The Fittest women out there would be to miss half the boat. Whole boats float a hell of a lot better.

We know Matt Walsh took the courageous and controversial step of defining the word “woman” from a biological perspective recently. To be entertained for hours on end, just do a cursory search for Mr. Walsh. We are perplexed as to how many of the highly educated people he spoke to, including esteemed scientists, could not or would not define the word after hundreds of thousands of years of human existence. We are, however, relieved to find out that there is a reasonable population of folks out there who are not influenced by the ever-changing, politically driven, definitions of gender that are thrust upon us in order to disrupt the natural flow of things and to destroy the family. We surmise that if you’re reading this, you fall into the reasonable category and can agree that, biologically speaking, a woman is an adult female. Plain and simple. But we want to go further. What, beyond her basic biology, is a woman? 

Obviously, there is intense, beautiful strength in a woman’s biology. She can bear and nurse children, which is a miracle of epic proportions, but what else is a woman? Let’s dive in.

What a woman isn't:

Actually, let’s pause. Let’s take a moment to talk about what a woman is not. These things should go without saying, but it’s 2023 and we’ve seemingly forgotten.

Despite popular cultural leanings, a woman is not a man. She is every bit equal to a man in terms of virtue and worth, but she is not, in fact, a man. A woman is not, and cannot be, a father. A woman is not domineering. A woman is not disrespectful…

So what is a woman?

Just as her male counterpart who must be strong to protect his tribe, a woman is also physically strong. In order to be everything else she must be, a woman must be healthy first and foremost. To raise and nurture children, to support her husband, and to fulfill her duties of driving influence that lasts for generations, a woman must maintain a feminine dominance over her physicality. A woman cannot possibly be at her best without physical strength. This strength also serves as an example to her sons and daughters that discipline and strength go hand in hand. By exuding this discipline and strength, she shows her daughters what it looks like to be a woman and shows her sons what to strive for in his future wife. 

A woman is a nurturer.

In a remarkably consistent, evenly applied way, a woman provides the emotional and developmental foundation for both her children and her husband who, let’s face it, can sometimes exhibit emotional immaturity by comparison. She provides the quiet, unwavering, and often-overlooked stability that every healthy family requires and she does it naturally and without ego. She doesn’t ask for thanks because it’s as natural as breathing for her. While that would be a monumental ask for a man, it’s inherent in a woman’s essence. 

A woman is a teacher.

While men and women alike lead by example in their homes, a woman also teaches more directly. We’re not talking about teaching school subjects or life skills, although men and women must absolutely do that for their children. What we’re talking about here is teaching life lessons about morals, discipline, and how others ought to be treated. Women have a natural way of imparting that knowledge in a way children absorb.

A woman is supportive.

She plays the most fundamentally supportive role for her children and her husband in all of their endeavors. She’s an ever present force in their lives that is equal parts encouragement and constructive criticism. A woman is a constant source of support and caring for her loved ones. She sees them through hardships and celebrates their triumphs as though they are her own. 

A woman is a protector.

While a man protects his domain in the physical sense, an evolved woman is a lioness. She protects her children fiercely from every tangible and intangible threat, while loosening the reigns over time to allow for growth. It’s a balance she understands better than anyone because she is in tune with the developmental needs of her children.

A woman is all of these things in a uniquely feminine way. She is also independent in her own pursuits and endeavors, which is a feat in itself because she does these things without the aforementioned advantages that she bestows upon her husband and children. She is remarkable. She is a QUEEN.


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