Overfed and Undernourished

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Overfed and undernourished - a closer look

This is the very first time in history that more humans are dying from excess food consumption and obesity-related issues than from starvation. You know what's worse? Many of the folks dying from excess are simultaneously malnourished. How is that possible? Let us tell you.

Fake Food

Look in the average pantry. There are far too many boxes, bags, and cans full of “food” that has an abundance of calories from manufactured trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors designed by scientists in laboratories whose goal is to make you crave more. The conspiracy theorist goes one further in thinking they’re also designed to make you fat and sick so you’ll rely on big pharma to mask your symptoms as you continue to stuff your sick, overfed face with more and more of the garbage… And none of these ”foods” contain anything that resembles a vitamin or mineral. So people are overeating these addictive, chemical-laden, sugary, fatty substances that masquerade as food, while simultaneously craving nutrients they can’t get from that addictive food. That makes them even hungrier, which leads to consumption of yet more of the non-perishable rubbish in the cabinet. This renders them obese, undernourished, and sick. With roughly half of all Americans suffering from diabetes or prediabetes, the issue of overconsumption is as serious as a heart-attack, pun intended. That’s just one obesity related disease. Factor in heart disease and every other iteration of metabolic unhealth, including mental health issues that result from inflammation and lack of nourishment (17% of the world suffers from clinical depression), and it is clear that we are very, very sick, and killing ourselves.

The Solution

The good news? We don’t need some pharmaceutical miracle cure or supplement, or healthcare discovery, or vaccine to heal society from the ills of overconsumption and lack of nourishment. In fact, the solution is simple: Eating a nutrient-dense, animal- based diet, starting with meat and organs would quite obviously, by definition, cure the ills of undernourishment, but… it would inherently and easily remedy the problem of overconsumption in more than one way. First, animal protein and fat are highly satiating and make you feel full more quickly so a reduction in calories is a side effect of prioritizing animal nutrition, but the other, interesting effect? A lot of cravings that people have are not for an abundance of calories. They’re for nutrients that the body isn’t getting. Because most people are unaware of this feature of hunger, they reach for the ho-ho’s and snack cakes instead of the steak, but guess what? 20 minutes later, they’re hungry again because the body is still void of the much-needed nutrients. Eating a nutrient dense diet will inherently cause those craving to cease and all of a sudden the brain is firing on all cylinders, the body fat is melting off, and you’re on your way to living the life you were born to live. Put down the Oreos and grab a ribeye. We haven’t done the actual math, but you’d have to down an awful lot of Oreos to get the nutritional equivalent of a 12 ounce NY strip. For more nuggets of information about eating a nutrient-packed animal based diet, email our performance experts at dominate@thefittest.com. They're standing by to give you free 1 on 1 guidance.

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