The gym is also for you, ladies.

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What’s up, ladies? 

I’ve been in and around the gym for my whole life. I remember hitting up one of those big “health clubs” in the early 80’s, where the men wore stringers and lifted heavy whilst the women wore leotards and leg warmers to their step aerobics class… IF they went to the gym at all. Oftentimes they’d stay home, donning the same leotard and “work out” along to their Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons VHS tape. There might have been a 5% exception, with a select few ladies in the mix amongst the men at the gym, mostly using Nautilus machines.

I’d like to say a lot has changed, but unfortunately… it just fucking hasn’t. Walk into any gym in 2023, and you’ll see dudes lifting weights with a few ladies in the mix, but most of the women are on the treadmill or the elliptical, doubling down on cardio… or they’re in those classrooms where Zumba and spin classes have replaced the aerobics classes. 

Why aren’t women lifting weights? 

Well, there are a handful of reasons… and this isn’t necessarily theory. I’ve never been a woman, and I’ve only been accused of such once, but that was on the phone with a customer service representative and I had a bad cold. I kind of sounded like an elderly, Jewish, chain-smoking lady who hails from New York. You know the stereotype. Anyway, I’m not a chick, so I asked a whole bunch of people who identify as such and they overwhelmingly gave the same answers…

  1. It’s intimidating.” I hear you there. I really do. This isn’t unique to women in the gym. It’s true for people in general who find themselves in an environment where they perceive themselves to be beginners and everyone else to be experts. It’s human nature, but… the gym doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, MOST of those big, bulky dudes in the gym are nice as hell. They WANT to motivate you and lift you up. They WANT to see beginners bettering themselves. Once you take the plunge and get in the mix, you’ll ask yourself why the hell you didn’t do this years ago. So go stand shoulder to shoulder like you belong there just as much as the big dogs… because you DO!

  1. "don’t know how to lift weights so I just do what I’m comfortable with.” This is super common, but there are a lot of solutions to this conundrum so don’t let it hold you back. Those same big guys I mentioned a minute ago? They WANT to share the knowledge they’ve amassed over the years. They WANT to help you become the best version of yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable walking up to a stranger, that’s cool. There are a shit load of resources online and I’ll be happy to recommend some good ones if you email me. OR… hire a qualified personal trainer to help you. Just don’t let lack of know-how hold you back from pursuing fitness. We all started somewhere, but… we STARTED.

  1. “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to bulk up.” I HATE that in 2023, this is still a fucking thing. First of all, you WILL NOT get bulky by picking up weights. It’s just not realistic that you’ll start lifting weights and look like a bodybuilder. You almost certainly don’t have the genetic predisposition OR the natural hormone profile to pack on muscle like that. Most men don’t even have the natural ability to get big and bulky, so don’t worry about picking up dumbbells and all of a sudden looking like Arnoldana Schwarzenegger. You won’t… not without SERIOUS pharmaceutical enhancement. The other reason I hate this answer is… so fucking what? What if you did pack on a LITTLE muscle (I just told you that you won’t pack on a lot). What’s wrong with that? What are you worried about? Looking strong? My wife is strong. I’m not intimidated by that. In fact, it’s sexy. Anyone that is intimidated... That’s THEIR issue, not yours. So PLEASE don’t let the idea that you’ll get “big” keep you from doing maybe the most important thing for your health, well-being, and longevity. 

Why SHOULD women lift weights?

There are a veritable host of reasons…

Doing excessive cardio without lifting is harming you. I went into detail on this here as it applies to runners, but the sentiment is true across all populations. Do SOME cardio, but lift MOOOOAAAR!

Plus, lifting weights IS cardio. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance come largely from your heart rate being in Zone 2, which is 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. If you’re lifting weights properly, you’ll spend much of your time in this area. It’s far better than the no-man’s (no-woman’s in this case) land of Zone 3 and Zone 4 you’ll be in during a spin class. That gives you all of the heart damage and risk without any benefits. Stay in Zone 2 and Zone 5. More on this here.

It’s critical for hormone balance. Lifting heavy, in conjunction with adequate, QUALITY sleep, midday sun, and a proper nose-to-tail diet sets you up for long-term hormone health. This helps with general health and well-being, body fat optimization, cycle health, and a lot more.

Longevity… Strength and muscle, according to longevity experts like Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is the number one factor for reducing all cause mortality. It staves off Alzheimer’s, heart disease, some cancers, and makes you infinitely more resilient in accidents like falls or car wrecks. 

So LIFT, ladies. Please. If you don’t know where to begin, email me. We’ve got workout programs for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. We can customize workouts to suit your pursuits or your limitations. And it’s FREE, so there’s no excuses. 


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