Unlocking the Benefits of Functional Fitness: More Than Just Muscle

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An estimated 77% of America’s 17-24 year olds are unfit for military service. Forgetting the political, national security implications of such a statistic, let’s focus on the general welfare of a generation. The fact that the group that should be the fittest, with prime hormone production, ease of muscle growth, and naturally high VO2 max… can’t pass a pretty easy entrance test, or at least the vast majority of them can’t… devastating.


If kids who are in the prime of life can’t do 31 pushups, 43 pushups, and run 2 miles in 17:30 (the minimum standard for 22-26 year olds at Army boot camp), then they are setting themselves up to miss out on the things life has to offer. For most able-bodied individuals, functional fitness is critical to a life well-lived.

What do I mean?

  • Looking good… Yes, I’m starting with vanity. We’ll get to more serious stuff in a minute, but I’m appealing to young people here. If you’re in shape, you have more confidence and that overflows into all aspects of your life. It’s easier to find your mate; your complimentary opposite. Studies show that people who are physically fit are inherently more respected as people unconsciously understand that it takes a certain amount of hard work and discipline to achieve a good physique. Other studies show that better looking people get hired more easily. Being jacked and tan has all sorts of benefits.
  • Avoiding chronic, preventable health conditions… 95% of all “disease” in America is lifestyle induced, meaning you just don’t have to have it if you don’t want it. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, joint issues, osteoarthritis, many cancers, and countless inflammation related mental health conditions, ranging from mild depression to psychosis… can all be attributed to a lack of metabolic health. 
  • Employment… Assuming that most people want to get jobs… we talked about the looks factor already, but there’s also the fact that if you’re not at least physically fit at a very basic level, you can’t do anything but a desk job, which excludes an estimated 40% of jobs in 2024 and a much larger percentage for men. 
  • Aging well… If you want to run around with your kids, walk up stairs without getting winded, avoid cognitive decline, and just do basic, normal, everyday stuff, it’s FAR easier to do if you build the foundation early.

Real life examples of functional fitness:

I’m using regular people here. No celebrities or those who have the “luxury” of putting an inordinate amount of time into fitness. I don’t want to give anyone an excuse.

  • I’ll start with myself, not to be self-aggrandizing, but because I fancy myself a regular guy in many respects. I have a regular job, kids, a wife, and normal responsibilities, but I do dedicate a certain amount of time and effort into embodying my FITTEST form. I’m 44. I just moved into a new house recently and felt blessed (after silently cursing my wife for buying the heaviest furniture ever made) that I could move the heaviest furniture ever made up narrow stairs with my 59 year old jacked and tan buddy (the same buddy I talk about here, where lives were saved due to functional fitness). Had we not both been fit, we’d have had to hire movers who, if they didn’t happen to be jacked, may not have been able to do it either. Then we’d all be sleeping downstairs in the dining room.
  • My buddy Ivy… he’s a regular dude in his 50’s, but he also cares about being fit enough to live life and play baseball with his kid. He ran out of gas the other day (who does that in 2024 with the flashing lights and sounds in modern vehicles?). He had to walk a couple miles to a gas station and then carry a gas can a couple miles back. That saved him an Uber ride.
  • My 90 year old grandmother. She lives alone. She walks a mile every day, rain, sleet, snow, or hail. No excuses. She goes to the YMCA and gets in the pool. She mowed her own lawn until recently and still would if her children, who are in their 60s and 70s and all fit by the way, would let her. She has a full social schedule that involves bowling. She has zero aches and pains and takes no medication. It’s testament to the adage that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. 

What’s my point? 

If you decide to make fitness a part of your life; if you’re willing to eat nutrient dense foods and dedicate a few hours a week to getting and staying physically fit, then your life can be one of your choosing. Opportunities abound and you can live a high quality life for a very long time. 

Don’t know where to start? 

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