I hate drug dealers

Drug dealers dealing drugs

I hate drugs. You know what I hate even MOOOOAAAR? I fucking hate drug dealers. I’m not just talking about the toothless, geeked up meth dealers that hang out… well… I don’t know where they hang out, but whatever... We all know these guys suck.

What I find more insidious than the aforementioned crack heads are the drug dealers who wear white coats, concoct chemical bullshit in labs, and tell you the “diseases” that your lifestyle earned you ought to be treated by drugs rather than a change in lifestyle. These trusted “experts” in medicine are fancy drug dealers, but they’re still fucking drug dealers.

If you're prescribed medication to treat symptoms without considering the source, and the source is most often shitty behavior, then you are nothing more than a cog in the Big Government, Big Pharma engine that seeks to profit from either your laziness, your ignorance, or both. I swear they make up diseases at this point so they can feed you a drug to treat it. Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist. Probably not, though.

Now, I’m not here to bitch and moan without offering a solution. It’s just not my style. I don’t let my kids do it and I’m not about to preach without practice.

So what do we do instead of filling our bodies full of experimental substances that come with comically laundry lists of side effects that are far worse than the symptom we want to treat?

We get to fucking WORK. That’s what we do. 

Lifestyle related illnesses require lifestyle related solutions, and no matter the illness the lifestyle changes are EXACTLY the same…

  • We prioritize consistent, QUALITY sleep 7 days a week. No excuses. 
  • We eat nutrient-dense, nose-to-tail diets, prioritizing hormone optimizing, alpha organizing animal protein and fat. No excuses.
  • We get off our fat, skinny fat, or otherwise un-optimized asses and get to fucking work. We move like our lives depend on it… because they DO. No excuses. 
  • We avoid dangers by shielding ourselves from bullshit foods, toxic social media, drugs, and insidious dangers looking to kill us. No excuses.
  • We get our bare feet connected, anchored, GROUNDED into the earth in order to take advantage of the electrical charge we’ve avoided. No excuses.
  • We get fucking COLD, taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory effect, the dopamine enhancement, the brown fat activation, and MOOOOAAAR. No excuses. 
  • We get immune-boosting sun through the eyes, on the face, and on the skin EVERY fucking day. No excuses. 
  • We fight for shit that matters. Otherwise, what are we even doing?
  • We bond with those we love, prioritizing time with them, reminding ourselves that this is the reason we do everything else.

If your “healthcare professional" doesn’t INSIST you do these things BEFORE suggesting you imbibe or inject lab-created substances, then you're a customer, not a patient. You have a drug dealer and your insurance premiums are paying not only for their Mercedes, but the pharma executive’s mansion, and the congressman’s yacht… and you’re STILL fucking sick. 

Finally, IF you do get prescribed a medication, be your own advocate. Whether it's a pill, an injection, a vaccine, or a motherfucking aspirin, LEARN about what it has in it, what it does, and WHY you're taking it.

No excuses.

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