Don't participate in the experiment

Portrait of John Tyler

John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States. He was born in 1790 and he left office in 1845. One of his grandchildren is still alive. That means 3 things… 

  1. The Tyler men are virile as fuck, breeding in their late 70s for at least a couple generations. They clearly did not suffer the fate of dwindling testosterone levels.
  2. America is NOT near as old as it seems. There’s a dude alive today whose grandfather was too fucking old to fight in the civil war.
  3. In just THREE generations of Tylers, we’ve seen 15 Constitutional amendments, the invention of indoor plumbing, cars, airplanes, computers… the fucking internet… In 3 generations, we’ve seen more creature comforts, modern technology, and changes in the way we live, than in the entire history of mankind. 

Why am I giving you this history lesson? Why should you care?

I’ll tell you why. Because the way we live, in the big scheme of human existence, is a VERY short-term experiment, the consequences of which seem to be far more detrimental than beneficial. Blue light, seed oils, porn, social media, public education, desk jobs, divorce, reality television programs… These things are surely kicking our ass. They’re making us soft, weak, sick, and depressed. 

The jury is still out, but in my estimation, it’s pretty likely we’re not designed to live like this. 

So let’s get old school. We don’t have to get all the way old school. I’m just talking about John Tyler-esque old school. You can probably even get newer-school than that. Live indoors. Drop a deuce in your flushing toilet (please flush). Drive your car. But... maybe leave the rest for those who consciously wish to participate in the failing experiment that is modern society. Ditch the porn, online dating, processed food and seed oils, blue light at night, toxic clothing and off-gassing materials, Real Housewives of Wherever, and all the other shit that’s making us weak, passive pussies of epic proportions. 

Be more like the Tyler family. 

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