Physical Fitness for Mental Toughness

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Mental toughness is a direct result of physical prowess.

Excepting Bill Gates, who some say strongly resembles the new pregnant man emoji, high powered CEOs and other successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and innovators are rarely overweight or otherwise out of shape. They don’t all look like the Liver King, but they’re at least in pretty damn good shape. Rarely are these same successful human beings overemotional, unstable, or unhinged like so many unfortunate young Americans are these days.


When you’re fully optimized, it means that your hormones are properly balanced. Your dopamine and serotonin levels are appropriate for the time of day and the situation at hand. It means your brain has proper fuel, oxygen, and chemical balance to be sharp, focused, emotionally regulated, and ready to take on any and all challenges that present themselves. 

Being physically fit allows a person to be reasonable, controlled, and capable of nuance and balance. In turn, it allows you to be better at all pursuits regardless of what they are, whether they’re business related, athletic in nature, or being a better friend, parent, or spouse.

So… if you’re not in tip top physical condition, your mind is suffering and not living up to its full potential. If you get your ass in shape your life will change in unthinkable ways. They’re unthinkable because your brain cannot possibly be firing as optimally as it will be when you’re thriving physically. 

So what’s the solution? 

The EEAASY Lifestyle Levers, of course.

Sleep helps your hormone production and balance. Eating properly feeds your brain the critical nutrients it needs for optimal function… DHA, B12, creatine, choline, and many more that are adequately absorbed only through eating a nose-to-tail diet. Moving gives your brain the required oxygen to kick ass. Shielding from things like seed oils and EMFs protects your brain from toxic outside influence. Connecting to the ground enhances the bioelectric functions of your body and brain. Getting cold  is a catalyst for production of brain critical dopamine. Getting in the sun allows for synthesizing of cholesterol for production of vitamin D, enhancing immune and brain function. Fighting for the things that matter in life trains your brain to be resilient in the face of obstacles and challenges and fortifies you as a force to be reckoned with. Bonding with your tribe and connecting with other humans gives you purpose. 

Without these levers, the recipe for success is missing all 9 essential ingredients.

We can help.

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