An epidemic of misdiagnoses

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It's a real problem.

Human Biologist Dr. Gary Brecka talked on Instagram recently about the perils of Vitamin D3 deficiency and how it is very often misdiagnosed by doctors. He talked about how the long term manifestation of D3 deficiency is very similar in nature to rheumatoid arthritis. He said so often doctors don’t do blood panels to find out that you’re deficient in anything, but rather they simply treat the symptom with a corticosteroid. That corticosteroid masks the symptoms for a while but wreaks terrible havoc on the joints. In extreme cases this joint deterioration results in the need for a joint replacement. The lifespan of those who get a joint replacement, especially the elderly, is reduced pretty significantly. So… in a lot of cases, people are getting prescribed medication for a condition they don’t have, getting a joint replacement due to the effects of a medication they don’t need, and dying prematurely… when all they really needed was some dietary cholesterol and some sun exposure. 

Now multiply that by all of the potential misdiagnoses (numbering in the thousands) that are actually symptoms of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, and we’ve got a healthcare crisis of an epic magnitude. We won’t delve into Big Pharma and our opinions as to ulterior motives and WHY we think this problem is as rampant as it is, but you could probably guess.

What’s our point?

First and foremost, if you’re feeling crappy, go through the lifestyle lever checklist.

If you’re sleeping like garbage, there are a multitude of symptoms from brain fog, to poor hormone regulation that manifests in multiple symptoms, to vitamin D deficiency due to an inability to synthesize cholesterol, to obvious fatigue, to weight gain.

If you’re eating like garbage, obviously you could be suffering from poor hormone regulation and a countless list of symptoms from being overfed, yet simultaneously malnourished.

If you’re not moving properly, you could have aches and pains that present as all sorts of other maladies.

If you aren’t shielding yourself from modern dangers like seed oils, topicals, off gassing materials, and EMFs, you could be suffering from too many conditions to count, from skin and other endocrine issues to allergic reactions to reproductive issues.

If you’re not connected to the earth regularly, your bioelectrical responses to all things could be compromised resulting in poor wound healing, mental health issues, etc.

If you’re not getting cold, you could be suffering from inflammation related conditions as well as mental health problems.

If you’re not getting in the sun, you’re clearly susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency, calcium regulation issues, and a weakened immune system.

If you’re not fighting for the things that matter to you, you will likely feel like garbage on countless fronts.

And finally, if you’re not connecting with people socially and bonding with a tribe of supportive people, you can be rendered lonely and suffer from major depression. 

This checklist costs you nothing. It’s completely free and you can rule out all sorts of potential health problems by going down the list and ensuring you’re not leaving anything on the table as far as optimization is concerned.

Be your own advocate.

If you do believe you suffer from something more serious that may require medical care, be your own advocate. Make sure that before you accept that medication or another form of medical intervention is required, that the diagnosis is correct and that there isn’t a lifestyle adjustment that could just as easily remedy your malady. A second opinion never hurts either.

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