Healthy Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

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Danger is lurking in your cabinets.

We talk all the time about shielding ourselves from modern dangers which, unfortunately, are far more stealth, more insidious, and arguably more dangerous than primitive dangers like stampeding elephants or rival tribes. One of these modern dangers is in the form of toxic chemicals in household cleaning products. These are the products that we store in high places or put in locked cabinets to keep them from our children. Then we pretend they magically lose their toxicity as we rub them all over every surface of our homes in pursuit of cleanliness or something. How silly is that?

What to use:

Now we’re not in any way suggesting that you live in filth. You should definitely clean your house, but there are alternatives to the toxic nonsense people typically use to clean and disinfect. Here’s a short list of these alternatives:

  • White vinegar… White vinegar is not just for kimchi and other delicious fermented foods. It can also be used to clean surfaces and kill germs as it is a natural disinfectant. It can also be used to remove stains from clothes and freshen fabrics, so ditch the laundry detergent, too. 
  • Baking soda… Baking soda is great for scrubbing dirty surfaces and cleaning dirty dishes due to its abrasive properties. It also works wonders when it comes to absorbing odors. If you’re someone who insists on using products to clean your teeth, baking soda is a great replacement for the toxic as hell toothpastes that wear away your enamel, kill the natural protective bacteria in your mouth, and keep you going to the dentist year after year.
  • Lemon juice… Lemon juice is another natural disinfectant that may make your toddler don a goofy, puckered face, but won’t have them in the emergency room. It acts as a deodorizer and can be used to clean and freshen surfaces as well as fabrics. It can even remove stains and brighten your white clothes.
  • Tallow based soaps… Soap seems fine, right? Not exactly. Not all soaps are created equal. If you must use soaps for your body (soaps and topicals deserve their own article altogether so stay tuned) or fabrics or anything else, tallow based products are more than adequate and do not cause the harm that so many chemical-laden soaps do. We like Yardley, but there are several tallow based products out there that will do the job.

Bottom line:

Ditch the chemicals. They are more dangerous than you may think and there is no legitimate need for them in your home, near your children, your food, or your lungs.

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