Who Would You Fight?

Sean punching a poor sap in the noggin

A Boxing Day Thought Exercise

It’s almost Boxing Day, and before you get smarmy and argumentative, just know that we know that Boxing Day doesn’t have anything to do with fisticuffs. But… the unofficial 10th Lifestyle Lever is to have a little fun, so we’re going to do just that with a Fittest rebranding of the holiday to suit. 

So… on this Fittest Boxing Day, if you could fight anyone, who would you fight? 

An Important Consideration

There’s much to consider when pondering such a question, and who your chosen opponent is says far more about you than it does them, because how you do anything is how you do everything. For example, if you choose a weak, easy opponent, it screams an abundance of fear, insecurity, risk aversion, and an unwillingness to do hard things. If you choose a president, as would be a common, thoughtless, cliche answer, you’re not only choosing an aforementioned feeble, weak opponent, but you’re a) advocating for the abuse of the elderly, and b) suggesting that something as trivial as the identity of a political figurehead has a profound and measurable impact on your psyche. That sounds magnificently sub-primal. If you’re a man and you choose a female opponent, well… we won’t even go there. The point: To find out what you’re made of; to test your own resolve; to do something hard; to see how you measure up; to find the flaws in your game, whether they be physical, mental, or otherwise, you MUST choose a worthy, difficult adversary.

Self Improvement

To improve and grow as a human being, we must do the hard things, and Lifestyle Lever number 8 is perhaps the hardest thing: FIGHT. Most often when we talk about FIGHT, we’re not talking about physical combat. We’re typically talking about facing the important challenges in life head on, with confidence and unwavering determination. But for the purposes of the new Boxing Day Fittest tradition, we are indeed talking about the world’s oldest sport: combat, which we DO recommend. Engaging in combat sports will absolutely teach you more about yourself than perhaps any other pursuit. Many of us at The Fittest have chosen combat sports as a worthy endeavor and we hope you consider doing the same at some point. 

Talk to us

So here’s where this gets interactive: After careful consideration in choosing who you’d fight, we want you to tell us. We want you to EMAIL US and share with us who your chosen opponent is and why you chose that person. Think hard about who it is and why. Challenge yourself. Aaaaaannnnndddddd… GO!

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