How To Lose Weight

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Are You Overweight?

Almost 70% of people are overweight or obese. Since people have finally woken up to the idea that smoking… you know, breathing chemical-laden fire directly into the lungs… is harmful, eating the collection of garbage masquerading as food these days is the number one killer. And before it kills you, it makes you miserable. Knee problems, back problems, breathing problems, heart problems, diabetes, infertility, low libido, metabolic and hormonal problems, mental illness, kidney stones, thyroid issues, poor sleep… we could fill pages. If you’re a member of the 70% club, and odds dictate that it’s more likely than not, you probably want to lose weight. It’s also likely, though, that you don’t know where to begin because you’ve been told 50 different methods by 50 different people, 35 of whom are ALSO overweight. They’ve told you to go low carb, full keto, vegan, low protein, high protein… they’ve told you to do obscene amounts of cardio or no cardio at all in favor of lifting weights. They’ve told you to take certain drugs. They’ve told you to eat 6 small meals a day or they’ve told you to fast intermittently and eat only once a day. And on and on. And everyone of these well-meaning individuals misses the boat, even if the methods they swear by cause you to temporarily lose weight. Why? Because all of this advice is centered around reducing the number on the scale without addressing the primary pursuit: metabolic health. That must be the sole reason for losing weight because if it isn’t; if you go with one of the aforementioned trendy weight loss methods, losing weight could come with a host of unhealthy conditions like lowered basal metabolic rates, thyroid conditions, or hormonal imbalances. By prioritizing your HEALTH, you’ll inherently be optimally shaped. Losing weight will be an accidental byproduct of taking the necessary steps to get, and stay, healthy. So what IS the healthy way?

How To Lose Weight

At The Fittest, we believe it starts with a nutrient-dense, nose-to-tail diet that prioritizes meat and organs, primarily from ruminant animals. When we prioritize these foods, 2 very important things happen, that both lead to satiety and prevent us from overeating.

  • We get adequate nutrients, especially fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which most humans are deficient in. What many are unaware of is that hunger isn’t always driven by lack of calories. Oftentimes it’s driven by lack of nutrition. That’s why you can be hungry, hit your local drive-thru, stuff your admittedly gluttonous face in shame, and be hungry again 20 minutes later. Your hunger was only satisfied for a moment and when your body realizes that meal you just had was void of nutrients it really needs and craves, it cries out for those nutrients by initiating that hunger response. Since you don’t know the difference because that response feels the same as a need for calories, you eat more nutrient-deficient foods. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Getting adequate fat and protein that is inherently present in a nose-to-tail diet elicits a satiating response by the digestive system and it becomes very difficult to overeat. 

(Read more about what a nose-to-tail diet looks like.)

Incorporate The Lifestyle Levers

The cool thing about starting with the nose-to-tail diet, above and beyond the natural, quick weight loss is that it makes all of the other Lifestyle Levers EEAASIER to pull, to put you in a state of being that allows you to become the most DOMINANT version of yourself. 


If you do these things, it is inevitable that you will become the fully optimized warrior you were meant to be. You will claim your birthright as the KING or QUEEN of your own life. The weight loss will certainly happen, but you’ll realize that simply losing weight was not the pursuit you were after. It was just a catalyst to a LIFE WORTH LIVING. 

So go EARN it!

For more free guidance on how to get started with a nose-to-tail diet regimen that easily snowballs into a bigger, more noble pursuit than reducing the number on the scale, email our performance experts.

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