How to get in shape the healthy way


You wanna be ripped?

That’s easy. Go see some “doctor” at some anti-aging clinic with a Hollywood sounding name and the word “rejuvenation” in it. Shoot their magical concoction into your ass, move some weights around, and presto-chango… you’re shredded. Never mind the negative side effects. Hair loss? There’s a drug for that. That drug might destroy your libido and your ability to perform, but no worries. There’s a drug for that, too. And who cares that you’ve pumped a bunch of synthetic garbage into your body. You’re ripped. So you must be happy, right?

Or are you?

Why Do You Want To Be Ripped?

It depends on WHY you’ve set out to be a beast of a physical specimen. Do you want to be ripped so you can post pictures on the interwebs and pretend you’re a happy, healthy individual? That seems pretty stupid. It seems shallow, unfulfilling, and a waste of your precious time on Earth, but maybe we at The Fittest just don’t understand what qualifies as cool these days.

At The Fittest, we’re old-fashioned. Our shredded abs and big shoulders are not mere decorations. They are a side effect of doing what’s necessary to LIVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING! That is our WHY!

How To Get Shredded The Healthy Way

We eat nose-to-tail nutrition. We move heavy sh*t. We get outdoors to get sun on our skin and the ground under our feet. We bond with our tribe. We fight for things that matter. We sleep like we mean it. We get hot and cold and we avoid the dangers the modern world has bestowed upon us for convenience and comfort. Through that process, it turns out we end up looking pretty good, but that doesn’t define who we are. In fact, it’s probably the least interesting thing about us. We’re busy LIVING instead of pretending to be happy in order to make strangers on the internet jealous of a life we don’t even live.

Earn It

Do you want a body that serves as a decoration? Or do you want a body that is primed for battle; for experiences; for a life worth living? The covers of the 2 books look the same, but one is boring and one is an epic story of a life well lived.

Choose wisely.


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