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Average Is The New Standard

Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Sounds virtuous. Sounds commendable. Sounds magnificently exemplary. Except that modern society is so committed to sheer and utter mediocrity that even a weak commitment to betterment or improvement of literally anything is frowned upon by the overemotional and mentally unstable. The victim mentality runs rampant. We have delved so far into the absurd pursuit of average that any perceived desire to deviate from indistinguishable un-exceptionality is met with extreme disdain. Our young people are being taught to strive for whatever achievement that pure laziness and apathy will afford them.

The Fittest says this is unacceptable and if that hurts your feelings then you may be one of those "victims". I could go on about all the ways we strive to be ordinary… or worse, but there’s one that’s particularly offensive to what we stand for…

Healthy At Any Size?

We have doctors. Medical professionals. Men and women who went to school until they were 30 something in order to learn how to make, and keep, people healthy… who are now promoting the idea that people can be “healthy at any size.” Everyone knows that healthy at any size is not an actual thing, but to say that out loud in 2022 is to be ostracized for fat shaming. The Fittest calls it like it is because we care enough to do so. A world where 1 out of 3  people is either diabetic or pre-diabetic tells us something is wrong. We don’t tell fat people that they’re fat. We don’t tell people who can’t bend over and tie their shoes that perhaps it’d be a good idea to go for a walk or maybe it wouldn’t hurt to cut back on the midnight banana split ice cream because we're afraid to hurt their feelings or be accused of telling them how to live their life. Instead, the aforementioned medical professionals prescribe medication that allows the morbidly obese to continue to spiral toward certain death ever so slightly slower. Whilst they’re at it, they prescribe antidepressants, erectile dysfunction medications, cholesterol meds, and a litany of other mitigators required to make a metabolically unhealthy human function relatively normally. But we don’t dare call them fat, because that would be hurtful, less hurtful than morbid obesity, of course, but whatever. It’s 2022 and feelings are more important than health, right? That's rhetorical...

The Solution

Fortunately there’s a solution to the maddening madness that is the fear of body-shaming as people drop dead in their 30s from the side effects of having shameful bodies... and that solution lies in a commitment by the few of us who aren’t afraid to be canceled, who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, to model, teach, and preach what thriving looks like. We must exemplify the happiness, stability, and kick ass life that comes from being the most dominant, fit, healthy version of ourselves… which can only come from an unwavering mindset that it is wholly unacceptable not to wake up every day like Ricky Bobby, pissing excellence and knowing that if you ain’t first, you’re last.

Be Your Best

At The Fittest, we want more for you than to be an average automaton with no motivation to better yourself because you’ve been told that you’re perfect just the way you are. We can all make improvements and become more optimized... and we have the recipe to help. It’s the same recipe for human success that has existed since humans became the baddest mammalian predators to ever walk the planet. It’s an easy recipe to follow and unlike most divisive recipes nowadays, no one is allergic to the following ingredients: sun, sleep, grounding, fight, bond, nose-to-tail nutrition, avoid dangers, move, and cold. Consume these ingredients daily. That’s it. That’s the whole damn thing.  

Be different. Be excellent. Do better. Feel better. Be better.

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