Easy pork belly recipe

A raw pork belly on a wooden cutting board

Nose to tail on a budget...

At The Fittest, we’re always telling you to eat nose-to-tail. We’re telling you to use the whole animal. We recognize, though, that for many of you that is a completely foreign concept and you believe it to be both intimidating as well as expensive. We want to dispel both of those myths in pursuit of helping you add a new, economically advantageous, nutrient dense tool to your belt in the process of becoming the most DOMINANT version of you imaginable.

We already showed you how to turn a ribeye into a delicious meal accompanied by delicious, nutrient rich bone broth. Today we’re going to provide you with another cooking gem that is delicious, nutritious, economical, and leaves zero waste. 

Enter pork belly and pork skins.

What you need:

  • A 4 pound piece of, unadulterated, uncut, properly sourced pork belly with the skin on. This is the least expensive way to purchase a pork belly (roughly $4-$5 per pound) and yields both pork belly and a Liver King salad.
  • A bunch of kick ass sea salt that hasn’t been fooled around with. We like Redmond.
  • A wire rack
  • Patience
  • A ladle
  • A glass pan
  • A large, super sharp knife
  • More patience
  • Teeth
  • A wooden cutting board
  • An orange
  • A well seasoned cast iron pan that was hopefully passed down to you from a previous generation. No seed oils!

Step by step…

Step 1: 

Place your big, sexy pork belly on your wooden cutting board, skin side up. Take your big, ultra sharp knife and cut slits into the skin ½ inch apart, against the grain, across the whole piece of meat just into the first layer of fat (about ¼ inch deep).

Step 2: 

Generously coat every bit of the surface of the pork belly with your sea salt.

Step 3:

Place your pork belly, skin side down, in your glass pan. Use your super sharp knife to cut your orange in half and juice that orange directly onto the pork belly and leave the orange in the glass pan.

Step 4:

Place the glass container with the pork belly in it, uncovered, in your refrigerator overnight.

Step 5:

Get a full night’s worth of restorative, hormone optimizing, recovery promoting sleep.

Step 6:

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees fahrenheit. While the oven is heating, let your glass pan reach room temperature. Whilst you wait for all of this to transpire, do something primal. Do some pushups. Better yourself.

Step 7: 

Remove pork belly from the glass, top the glass pan with a wire rack, place the pork belly on the rack with the skin side up, and place the whole thing in the oven. Wait 50 minutes. Do something primal again.

Step 8:

Turn the oven down to 200 degrees fahrenheit. Wait 90 minutes. Do more primal stuff.

Step 9:

Remove pork belly from the oven and let it cool for 30 minutes. You know what to do while you wait.

Step 10:

The skin will be crispy enough to easily pull from the pork belly in those ½ inch strips you cut. Set these strips aside.

Step 11:

Cut your pork belly into pieces of whatever shape and size you like. Devour it! This should be 2 nutrient dense, high fat meals for a family of 4.

Step 12:

Take the fat that accumulated in the glass pan during cooking and put it in your cast iron skillet and place the strips of skin in the glass pan.

Step 13:

Place the cast iron pan with the pork fat on the stove and get it HOT! Like way hot.

Step 14:

Ladle the scorching hot fat onto your crispy pork skins and watch them instantly blister and become a beautiful, high fat, high protein snack that you can take with you anywhere (once they’ve been removed, dried, and cooled of course).

You're a primal.

Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve just eaten an economical, delicious meal, twice. You’ve gotten the bonus of an anytime snack, or like the Liver King says, a salad. You left zero waste. You did some primal stuff and became a better version of you. You got some amazing sleep that helped you optimize your hormones and helped you synthesize the cholesterol from the pork belly into immune boosting vitamin D. And… you added a new tool to your toolbelt. What a kick ass day!

For more ideas, email our pork belly devouring performance experts.

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