Seed oils and lung cancer

A digital image of a healthy lung opposite a cancer riddled lung

Smoking kills.

We’re all aware, at this point, that smoking is a terrible idea. We know that if you’re trying your damnedest to acquire lung cancer that there’s no better way than to keep a constant feed of nicotine, tar, and chemicals flooding your lungs by chain-smoking your favorite cigarettes? 

Or is it?

Smoking is absolutely a horrible, nasty, unhealthy habit by all accounts and it leads to unhealth in quite a few different ways, but… what if we told you there was a far riskier habit to engage in when it comes to lung health? Worse, it’s an activity you’ve likely been told is a healthy one by medical “experts” and governments and commercials. Yes, kings and queens, I’m talking about the act of cooking your food with “heart healthy” seed oils that aren’t heart healthy at all, and are far worse for your lungs than sucking on Marlboros all day. Worse yet, studies like this one have been showing this for decades and this is likely the first time you’re hearing about it. We have our suspicions as to why that is, but we’ll leave that to the conspiracy theorists. 

Seed oils and lung cancer...

We’ve told you about the dangers of eating seed oils, but we’re here to talk about the dangers of standing over a pot, pan, or fryer whilst these rancid oils burn and penetrate every pore of your food AND your lungs. Breathing these rancid, linoleic acid heavy, phytoestrogen laden, dense, lipoic particles directly through your face holes and into your lungs is an act so dangerous that many studies suggest that you couldn’t smoke enough cigarettes in a day equal to 15 minutes of standing over burning seed oils. You’d die of smoke inhalation before reaching the carcinogenic levels associated with breathing the fumes from these cooking oils that were originally designed to be machine lubricants. 

The fact that some governing body somewhere hasn’t demanded people stop cooking with rancid machine oil is criminal in our estimation, but the good news for you is that you can’t unlearn what you’ve discovered here and knowledge is power. 

So what should you do now that you’ve read this, rushed to your pantry, and tossed out every container of seed oils in there? 

The solution:

At The Fittest, we prefer to cook our meat in fat from the corresponding animal. It seems to be evolutionarily appropriate, healthy, and consistently delicious. For example, cooking beef or bovine organs ought to be done with butter, beef tallow, or suet. Cooking pork ought to be done with lard. We’ve already posted an article on cooking steak and in the near future we’ll publish an article about how to make pork belly and pork skins. We’ll drop the hint now, though, that blistering those pork skins must be done not with seed oils like many suggest, but with the pork fat found at the bottom of the pan resulting from cooking the pork belly. Bottom line: ditch the seed oils. Stat.

We can help.

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