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How to get shredded on nose to tail

You want to get shredded? Of course you do. The only people who don’t want to get shredded are those who are already shredded… and it's a sure thing they want to stay that way.

What if we told you that if you strive to live a healthy, fully optimized life, that being shredded is a super cool side effect of such a pursuit. When you eat an animal-based, nose-to-tail diet, you’re inherently getting the nutrient density your body craves and requires without all of the rubbish that stifles your goals by bloating you, slowing your metabolism, and making you tired, fat, and the polar opposite of shredded. Making meat and organs the primary source of calories in your diet not only gives you supreme nutrient-density and optimal protein, both with maximum bioavailability, but it is nearly impossible to overeat. The natural satiety provided by eating the proper amounts of protein, fat, and nutrients will cause you to lose cravings as your brain isn’t signaling that you’re missing something. The right volume and nutrients will make your digestive system function optimally. When that happens, you sleep better, and restorative sleep means optimal hormone production and balance. If you’re also struggling intentionally every day while eating nose-to-tail, you’ll notice that you’re accidentally getting as ripped as The Fittest Team. Your body fat will run from your muscles faster than a vegan runs from bacon; not that beyond bacon rubbish, but real unadulterated, fatty, delicious… BACON.

Come to think of it, vegans don’t run fast. They probably can’t. They’re probably too tired from not only being malnourished, but because all of the effort they do put forth in life is directed towards telling you that veganism is the most noble pursuit of all pursuits. But you get the point. Eat animals. Optimize. Accidentally get shredded AF.

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