How To Get Better Sleep

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Hormone Optimization

It’s not your diet. It’s not your supplements. It’s not your workouts. It’s not your genetics. It’s not some other silly hack the hot chick on Instagram is selling you. Nope… The single greatest contributor to your hormone optimization and lean muscle mass is… your sleep. If you sleep like garbage, you can rest (poorly) assured that you’ll look, feel, and perform like garbage no matter how dialed in every other aspect of your life is. Sleep is where the majority of your growth hormone is produced.

“So I just have to chill out on the couch, sleep all day, and get big and shredded like the Liver King?”

Well… No. If it were that easy, lazy people would all be walking around jacked, shredded, and looking like Chris Hemsworth. The truth is, those people are more likely to look like they belong on 1,000 LB Sisters or any number of other rubbish television programs designed to entertain you by exploiting depressed, metabolically unhealthy train wrecks. In reality, lazy people are likely to sleep a lot, but they are also likely to suck at it as much as they suck at working off the 4 sleeves of Oreos they devour before bed.


Sleep Better

Sleeping is a skill and it’s likely that if you haven’t practiced and learned how to optimize, you suck at it as much as the aforementioned lazies. Proper sleep practice has little to do with what you do in bed. Everything else you do in life, however, from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down, impacts your sleep.

What you eat and when you eat it, how much sun you get and when you get it, how hard you STRUGGLE and when you do it, how much blue light you’re exposed to and when that occurs, what the temperature is in your home, whether you consume alcohol and when you consume it, the consistency of your bedtime and wake time, how you breathe… these things all affect how well you sleep.

Are you DOMINATING your sleep? If you’re not, you can forget about dominating anything else in your life.


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