4 Reasons You Need To Eat Organs

Tray of raw liver with a knife, green onions, and spices

Modern, sub-optimal humans have all but ditched the organs from their diets and replaced them with lean muscle meat if they eat meat at all. They’ve added a bunch of artificial garbage to the mix that has absolutely zero nutritional value at best and, at worst, well… it’s killing them. We’ve already talked at length about the detriments of certain foods. Instead of the doom and gloom of the modern diet, let’s discuss the veritable plethora of benefits of eating the oft-discarded organs.

Hedge Against Inflation

Let’s face it. Groceries are not getting cheaper. At all. Regardless of where you live, the cost of goods and services has risen dramatically and that pain isn’t felt anywhere more than it is at the grocery store. Enter organ meats. There is no better nutritional bang for your buck than liver, bone marrow, heart, and every other organ the butcher was likely going to throw away. Some grocery stores, butchers, and farms will simply charge a fee for the packaging. Eating organs is a financial lever that happens to have an incredible nutritional benefit. 

Organ Meats Contain More Nutrients Per Calorie Than Everything Else

One of the most compelling arguments for eating organ meats is that they're more nutrient dense than perhaps any other foods on the planet, with absolutely the most bioavailability, especially when it comes to fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are needed for healthy bones, skin and hair. They also promote growth and help us fight infections. Organ meats are an excellent source of creatine, choline and carnosine none of which are found in plants at all.  These three amino acids help boost athletic performance and may even protect against cancer. Creatine and carnosine help with energy production, while choline has been shown to improve brain development in infants.

Organ meats contain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients per calorie than even muscle meat does. In fact, one study showed that vitamin A is about five times as concentrated in liver as it is in muscle meat. Say it: Liver is KING.

Everyone Loves Sustainability

We could write a graduate level dissertation on environmental impact and sustainability of an ethically sourced, regeneratively farmed nose-to-tail diet, but for now we’ll say this: organ meats are an excellent choice because they use less land, water and feed yet provide higher nutritional value for your body than any other food! Sound like a win? Of course it does.

Organ Meats Are A Good Source Of heme Iron

Organ meats are a good source of heme iron, which is more easily absorbed by your body than non-heme iron (the type found in plant foods). The reason for this is that your body uses an amino acid called “heme” to carry oxygen around the bloodstream. Heme is also found in red meat and fish, but organ meats contain more of it because they have less connective tissue.

Let Us Help

Organ meats are healthy, economical, and delicious. If you are looking for tips on how to incorporate organs into your diet, go to our meal plan page or email our organ eating performance experts.

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