The Necessity Of Vitamin K

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Necessary Vitamin K

Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, regulating bone density, and preventing bone loss. It is present in leafy green vegetables, some cruciferous vegetables, eggs, meat, and cheese. The vitamin K in plants is in the form of K1. This is the same K1 that is in most supplements. It’s K1 that babies get when they’re born, based on the general deficiency of modern mothers even with prenatal vitamins because of, again, lack of bioavailability of vitamin K in the modern rubbish diet and vilification of meat. K1 is necessary, however, the K1 in vegetables is only slightly bioavailable and eating those vegetable can cause all sorts of digestive problems, gas, bloating, and diarrhea if eaten in abundance. That’s gross, huh?

The vitamin K in animal products is in the form of K2. It is highly bioavailable and K2 can be converted by the body into K1, meaning you can get all the vitamin K you need from animal sources in bioavailable abundance… without the farts, the runs, and the other olfactory offending affects of overeating cruciferous vegetables.

This holds true for Vitamin A (retinol), B12, protein, and veritable butt load of other nutrients. In fact, there is NO bioavailable B12 in plants at all. The only way to supplement B12 is with a derivative to cyanide. CYANIDE. Read that again. CYANIDE.

Vitamin K in Animal Products

There are no nutrients the body needs that vegetables contain that are not present in a better, more absorbable, usable form in animal products. Eating a plant-based diet requires careful planning in order to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals and STILL requires supplementation of certain vitamins, like B12, made from what, ladies and gentlemen? Eating an animal-based diet has all of the required nutrients packed into literally every single meal. Why eat vegetables when you can eat testicles? Plus, vegetables are gross. You see all sorts of plant-based products that are meant to taste like animal products like burgers, cheese, pork… you know what you never see? An advertisement for Beyond Broccoli, made with Real Beef… Nuff said. For free 1 on 1 guidance to take your nutrition to the next level, email us.


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