Work to Achieve your most dominant form

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Don't Just Go Through The Motions

You see them... the people who are in the gym religiously... the people who slow-jog the same route 7 days a week... and they look exactly the same as they did last week, last month, last year, or 10 years ago. Why? Because just going through the motions without blood burning effort yields exactly the same results as sitting on the couch watching those whiny ladies on The View opine on anything and everything as though they're the world's foremost experts.

You don't want to be like these slow-jogging, same-as-ever, might-as-well-be no-shows. You want to be a badass. You want to express your highest and most DOMINANT form. So how do you avoid being a skinny-fat "exerciser" and instead become the BEAST you were born to be?

Put The Work In

You must STRUGGLE. Really, really STRUGGLE. That's what the aforementioned regular folks don't understand. They go until they begin to feel a bit of slight discomfort and call that a success. The Fittest calls that a warm-up. You need to take yourself past the slightly uncomfortable threshold to a place of real discomfort... and now you're ready to get to WORK. You're ready to push boundaries. You're ready to extend your limits and take your body and your mind to a level you thought impossible. Then you can begin to DOMINATE your environment. Then you can call yourself a true WARRIOR. Then you can honor your predecessors by embodying what it means to be the baddest mammalian predator ever to walk the earth.

We Can Help

Are you willing to STRUGGLE? Or would you rather look like you watch The View? The choice is yours. At The Fittest, the choice is clear, and we've never been accused of watching daytime television. Email us for guidance on how to incorporate intentional struggle into your life.

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