Benjamin Padellaro

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Meet Benjamin

My name is Benjamin Padellaro and I am a warrior for The Fittest. My vision, "Bringing back strong, protective, family men", is the center of my focus and drives me to be a better man every day. I strongly believe today's society is poisoning us through our nutrition, mainstream media, and convenience. Strong, protective men are attacked and seen as "toxic". Well - not in my home. I work hard every day to provide for, protect, and support my wife. I believe it's my duty, as a man, to be The Fittest version of myself physically, mentally, and religiously through the strength my God gives me. If I'm not pushing myself, getting uncomfortable, and growing as a man, husband, and future father every single day, then I have not paid my dues for that day. It's time for men to lead their families, lead society, and get strong and dominate again! I'm blessed to be here and I thank God every day.

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