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Transform Into a Modern Barbarian

Unleash your primal power and claim your rightful place as a king

Become a Barbarian
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Welcome to The Barbarian Workout

Your Journey to Manhood Begins Here

Are you tired of feeling weak and unfulfilled as a modern man? Do you yearn for the strength, power, and respect that our ancestors possessed? Look no further. The Barbarian Workout is here to transform you into a formidable force, a true evolutionary hunter, and a respected member of the tribe.

Become a Barbarian
The Problem

Modern-Day Men are Weak

In a world where being agreeable and complacent is the norm, true masculinity is often lost. We see it in the smooth, soft, and limp hands of modern men. But let me ask you this: If a challenge arises, would you be able to hold your ground? Would you be able to fight, provide, and protect? The answer is likely no.

The Solution

Reclaim Your Primal Power

Modern-day men who lack the weaponry to be a formidable force are often left on the sidelines. They create less value, express lower status, and are relegated to a suboptimal existence. If you want to be desired by your peers, if you want to be seen as a leader, a protector, and a provider, it's time to become a barbarian.

The Rite of Passage

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors embraced the way of the barbarian. In the 21st century, we still need to tap into this primal power. Just like the Massai in Kenya and the Machigengua in Jaguar Jungle, we must undergo a true rite of passage to earn our place as men. It's time to test ourselves, to overcome fear, and to transform into something greater.

Become a Barbarian
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Liver King doing the Barbarian Workout
The Barbarian Workout Details

The Ultimate Test of Strength 
and Character

The Barbarian Workout is no walk in the park. With challenging weights, grueling exercises, and a test of your limits, this is where the transformation happens.

Become a Barbarian
70 lbs kettlebells in each hand
70 lbs pack
120 lbs on top of a sled (w/ shoulder straps)
20 lbs ankle weights
1 mile

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Become a Barbarian
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