Eat MORE cholesterol?


Cholesterol is bad, right?

If you eat a high fat, high cholesterol diet, you’ll have high LDL. High LDL causes atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis kills you. Right? 

Well… Atherosclerosis will totally kill you. The rest, however, is a veritable shit load of nonsense with exactly ZERO basis in reality.


Yup. Check this out. 

Short history lesson. 

Prior to the 1950s, no one knew their cholesterol levels. In fact, prior to the 1950s, no one gave a single shit about cholesterol… AT ALL. Most people hadn’t even heard of it. Why? Because heart disease, on a local and global scale, was insignificant at best. It just wasn’t a big thing.

But then… people started getting heart attacks. Like, a lot of them. Even President Eisenhower had a heart attack and everyone freaked right the fuck out. What caused it? Why do presidents, of all people, get heart attacks? Why are heart attacks all of a sudden on the rise in general? It couldn’t be the post-Depression, post-war, mass industrialization of everything including food. No. It definitely wasn’t that. So what was it?

Enter Ancel Keys. Ancel Keys was an American physiologist that had hypothesized a few years earlier that dietary fat and cholesterol were to blame for atherosclerosis. Never mind that these were nutrients we had thrived on and prioritized since the beginning of time; nutrients responsible for critical brain and body functions; nutrients that were required for hormone and immune health, nutrient delivery, and a host of other important shit. He was pretty sure that the consumption of these critical nutrients was what all of a sudden started killing folks. Makes total sense, right? So what did he do? Well… he did what scientists are supposed to do. He did a study. 

Ol’ Ancel picked 23 countries and made a graph showing the association between the consumption of saturated fat and incidence of heart disease, and then published the now world-renowned “Seven Countries Study.” Seven? But didn’t he study 23 countries? Well, yeah, but… 16 of 23 countries (just a mere 70%) didn’t support the hypothesis, so fuck those countries, right? 30% has got to be enough to declare future victory over heart disease.

Since people love super simplistic solutions to super complicated problems, America just accepted the notion that the Seven Countries study was gospel. 

Never mind that the vast majority of data from the only study we used to corroborate Keys’ hypothesis was thrown out and forgotten forever.

Never mind that no radio labeled studies were done to see if dietary cholesterol even enters the arteries at any point. In fact, we’re still waiting on those. No rush.

Never mind that there are 20 plus metabolic abnormalities present in the heart disease equation and that we can reliably cause 100% of them by increasing sugar intake and cannot reliably cause a single one with increased dietary cholesterol. Why? Because sugar can react with immune proteins to cause a whole bunch of terribly awful changes in the immune system, including inflammatory changes that promote atherosclerosis. Fat just can't do that.

Never mind that there were opposing views by other renowned scientists like John Yudkin and Vilhalmur Stefansson who opined, based on history and a shit load of evidence that sugar, and not fat, was the culprit for the increasingly bad health of Americans.

Never mind that the majority of people hospitalized for cardiac events had “normal” cholesterol (whatever the fuck that is), proving that it’s a terrible indicator for much of anything.

Never mind any of that shit because lobbyists for things like, you know, sugar… bought the government, media, and education.

Never mind any of it. Let’s just go with it. And that’s what we did. USDA, FDA, American Heart Association, The Cleveland Clinic, food pyramid… All point to eating a shit load of refined grains rife with dextrose, a process incidentally invented by the Seventh Day Adventist, John Kellogg, who theorized that red meat caused boys and girls to be horny (hormone optimized people are indeed horny by design, but whatever). He was of the opinion that by not eating things with a face (there’s a whole backstory here involving another Seventh Day Adventist named Ellen White and a dream she had about quitting the consumption on animals and… coffee), and instead downing ass loads of ultra-refined grains, that boys, girls, men, and women, would go about life with a shit libido and flaccid genitalia. Think about that next time you fill your bowl with “grrrrrreat” cereal. 


What happened? 

People, terrified of heart attacks and, evidently, desire for sex, followed the new guidelines and got fat as fuuuuuuuck. They got diabetes at astronomical rates. Incidence of cancer climbed even faster (different article for a different day). Chronic disease rates rose even faster than that. The only things that declined were life expectancy generation over generation, and birth rates. Basically we got super sick.

So we totally did a bunch of new research to understand the growing unhealth of Americans and changed course realizing it probably wasn’t cholesterol, right?


Well… we did do studies like this one, that show that high meat, saturated fat, and cholesterol consumption is directly associated with health, fitness, longevity, and a bunch of other good shit like lack of chronic disease. In fact, when we look at 195 countries instead of seven, the results are alarming, topped off with Hong Kong, with a per capita meat consumption of 28 times the US regulatory agencies’ recommendations and the highest life expectancy in the world.

But we definitely didn’t tell anyone. That would be an awful idea.

What? Why?

Because… ummm… well… Because money. Because lobbying. Because people hate admitting they’re wrong in a world of political ideology infecting every opinion they possess. Because if we fix diets, then we can’t sell drugs. Because fixing diets harms the fake environmental narrative.. Because heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic maladies are great for business and business is booming with newer and ever younger customers. 

That’s why. 

The solution:

What we inherently knew from the beginning of forever, forgot in the 1950s, remembered in 1989 when Ancel Keys admitted he got it all kinds of wrong (I forgot to mention that key detail), and didn’t tell anyone… is still motherfucking true.

Despite the mountain of evidence that LDL is a mere ingredient in atherosclerosis and no more a cause for it than wood is a cause for fire, we still blame fat for all of our problems… but I’m here to set the record straight. 

Fat good.

Sugar bad.

Got it?

Want to get more fat in your diet to simultaneously get healthier, more jacked, better erections and higher libido, all while sticking it to the man? Email me. 

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